The Complete Guide of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game II: Pistols

Like playing the funny Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game? How to be stronger in the game? Where to get Cheap CSGO Skins for your weapon? Today we will talk something about one of the weapons in the game- pistols.

Glock 18
20 bullets / 2 sec.

Available for both teams and standard for terrorists (if you kill you start with). It has a capacity of 20 bullets and a good shot cadence. The trouble is that neither is accurate or powerful, but you can solve the latter using the secondary fire, which allows you to shoot bursts of three bullets at the same time.

13 bullets / 2.5 sec.

One of the most balanced guns. It has high rate of fire and accuracy, accompanied by a slightly greater than the Glock damage. The problem is that it has much recoil and accuracy lost in rapid shootings.

Desert Eagle
7 bullets / 2.2 sec.

It is the most powerful gun that you can purchase. An accurate head shot or two in the chest enough to kill your enemy. It has a charger only 7 bullets (though it recharges quickly) and a low rate of shooting. Along with the P2000, the best option as a secondary weapon.

Dural Berettas
30 rounds / 5sec.

A gun in each hand makes you the fastest gunslinger … and also the least accurate. It is difficult to point them to the head, although you can empty both boots on the chest of the enemy. More fun than effective, although it all depends on your hands.

Tec-9 (Terrorist)
32 bullets / 2 sec.

This semiautomatic pistol is more like a submachine gun. It is not very powerful, but extremely fast and light. You can shoot bursts of bullets and recharges in 2 seconds. is offering best csgo skins. You can bet with skins on CSGO to be more powerful in the game.

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