Jaguar running Wei Fute encountered a minor car accident was fortunate

Jacksonville Jaguar hut 18 coins rookie running back Leonard Fournette suffered a minor car accident on Tuesday, but fortunately he was not injured. According to cheap hut coins the police, Fornet’s car was rear-ended in a series of three-car collision. Fornet is not the cause of the accident, he later drove home. Before leaving the scene, Fornet fenced off his car fender sign and the piece to the cleaning staff. He also took a photo with a gobuymmo coins child who was equally involved in the accident.


Fornette is one of the league’s best young runners this season, helping diversify the Jaguar offense. This season Fornet hit the ball 1090 yards 9 touchdowns, yardage rookie running back ranked second. He also catch the ball 302 yards. He played a huge role in the 45-42 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, rushing the ball 109 yards and 3 touchdowns.A minor car accident does not affect his readiness to play against the New England Patriots in the AP final.

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