2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa for the Nintendo Wii is a Great Beginners Title

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa for the Nintendo Wii is a Great Beginners Title

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa for the Nintendo Wii is a typical sports game on the Wii. If you have played sports games on the Wii before, then you already know what to expect. 2010 FIFA World Cup suffers from pretty much the same annoyances to which all the other sports games on the platform fall prey. The odd part here is that 2010 FIFA World Cup comes on the heels of FIFA 2010, which already makes this title for World Cup enthusiasts regardless of the console by your television. The control scheme in this particular can go pretty much anywhere on the Wii. The basic Wiimote controller alone, Wiimote and nunchuk, or Wiimote and classic controller are all available for use. The control schemes are especially nice for multiplayer mode if you lack an extra nunchuk for other players to use. The Wiimote alone provides for using simple gestures to control play on the field, which makes this a great way for beginners to get involved in the action. For example pointing with the controller allows for pass directions, shaking helps you come down with a ball in air, etc. The other setups work well to, but the button combinations can get a tad confusing at times.

As far as sound and graphics go, typical top of the line for the Wii. While not realistic in any sense, the graphics are pretty good and make this look like an arcade game. The sound is okay as well, though as typical in sports games the announcers and commentators do tend to get on your nerves after a spell. However, 2010 FIFA World Cup delivers the way EA games always do.

What is exceptionally intriguing about this particular title is Zakumi’s Dream Mode. Zakumi is the mascot for the 2010 World Cup (there’s your trivia for the day). In this mode you start with a team of nobody players and begin assembling a team of super stars by selecting a player from teams you have defeated. You can even take your team with you by storing the file in your Wiimote to play at your friends house.

All things considered 2010 FIFA World Cup is basically just another soccer game for the Wii. While there are some cool options and a host of unlockable extras, hard to justify spending another $40 on game you will likely play for a few weeks or even a month.

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