2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Stadiums

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Stadiums

Gabriel dos Santos at the New Mineiro inauguration. Photo by Osvaldo Afonso/Imprensa MG. View full size

Dedicated to Belo Horizonte native Eduardo Gonalves de Andrade (Tosto), first magnitude star in my all time soccer cosmos

In Brazil, anticipation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the even closer FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 is building up by the day, and a brand new or totally made over stadium is something to be greatly relished in the process.

Gabriel dos Santos, an Atltico fan, traveled about 80 miles from Divinpolis for the December 2012 reopening of this historical landmark with a long trail of glorious soccer moments. “Much better than a Christmas present,” he said of his visit, which I imagine will be etched in his memory for life.

If you’re planning to come to Brazil for the games, here’s a stadium you, too can embrace with open arms and a kid’s enthusiasm, along with the delightful state capital around it: Belo Horizonte, the Beautiful Horizon, a place rich in passionate soccer,cultural attractions, dining and nightlife,fine 20th century architecture, hospitality and spectacular nearby destinations, perfect to visit in the fall/winter season.

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