as of the purchase coin fifa 18 Shoufu

as of the purchase Shoufu, the Beijing Municipal Construction coin fifa 18 said that this kind of behavior is not in accordance with the loan policy, in violation of the city real estate regulatory coin fifa 18. In order to further stabilize the market, standardize the loans, now require brokers and employees personnel to carry out self-examination. According to reports, the scope coin fifa 18 self-examination for the past 3 months, agencies and professionals and business activities. Focusing on the following (but not limited to) violations: hut coins buyers who coin fifa 18 for the “consumer loans” and “loan business” and “personal credit loan” housing loan against “as the first payment of the purchase behavior; illegal publishing agency, other coin fifa 18 property housing transactions prohibited behavior; unauthorized release of housing information without housing ownership or release authorization, authorized by the coin fifa 18 of the house housing information is not complete, false behavior; assistance, mut coins buyers who provide false materials, cheat purchase qualifications or purchase coin fifa 18; brokers are not filing in business behavior;

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