Can Brazil Really Handle The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Can Brazil Really Handle The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Even a few footballers have expressed their discontent. Arthur Antunes Coimbra, more commonly known as Zico and a Brazilian soccer legend, said Brazil won’t win the World Cup, while the footballer turned politician Romario has criticized Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, for publicly saying Brazil will organize the best World Cup of all time. “She should be ashamed. It’s clear that we are not ready. Worse, it exposes internationally our fragility at organizing very important football events,” Romario said.

Aldo Rebelo, Brazil’s Minister of Sports, has a different perspective. “When the Brazilian government submitted their bid to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it looked beyond the immediate benefits that these events may bring. Above all, they thought of the legacy that will help drive the country’s development, particularly the sports related legacy,” he wrote in an article published by The Huffington Post.

So much anticipation and criticism along with FIFA’s unhappiness with Brazil’s progress, as stated many times by a few members of the organization indicates that the next World Cup will certainly be one to remember. For the right reasons, hopefully.

All the stadiums im sure will be fine. I think the bigger concern will be transportation between stadiums and congestion in the cities. Brazil has a growing economy any way and has been popular with foreign investors prior to all of this. I hope the investment in infrastructure benefits the average brazilian. I know the brazilian people will be ready with hospitality I just hope the country can avoid situations like the night club fire because we know most of the places are over capacity in the first place.

This comment I found in a american newspaper . A brazilian citizen said:

We are trying to show the world that Brazil is not the country they think it is. Brazil is in chaos. We do not have a proper public health, transport, education and security. Our government is trying to manipulate the media in order to cover up all the mess down here.

They spent billions and billions on those stadiums, while all the population is left aside.

People are dying in the hospital lines due to lack of infrastructure. Violence against regular civilians is out of control, specially in touristic cities like Rio and S Paulo. Airports, public transportation, hosteling and other services can’t handle our own intem needs, so go figue what is gonna happen in the World Cup when thousands of tourists come.

O brasileiro radical em tudo,mesmo sendo contradit Aqui n o c tamb n o inferno.

First of all, when Brazil was granted the right to host the World Cup, back in October 2007, the stadiums were to be built with private capital. However, the arenas ended up depending on public funding, costing to the Brazilians taxpayers billions of dollars.

Apart from that there is also a cost overruns and allegations of corruption in the building or overhaul of 12 stadiums that will host the global soccer event there is an investigation in progress by both chambers of Congress.

As for the Brazilian sports ministry saying that “Brazil is a democratic country that guarantees its citizens full freedom of expression”, it is not quite accurate, as the spending on the stadiums were made without a process by which the public’s input on matters affecting them was sought.

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