Cartier’s strength is to retain the essence of contemporary tradition

Product: Design and Innovation

Design and innovation is Cartier centuries-old soul, is the brand continue to be concerned about the reasons for the world, but also Cartier brand image of the magic of timeless.

Inspiration: travel from the world

Cartier’s strength is to retain the essence of contemporary tradition, through simple and neat lines, add a modern style. From the 20th century, Cartier love bracelet replica from Egypt, Persia, the Far East and Russia, some of the style into a more geometric and abstract design. In 1906, they began to use the rich colors and some new materials, such as onyx, coral, etc. to the design, and the formation of a new style. This style in 1925 held in Paris, the international exhibition of modern decoration and arts and crafts, was known as “Art Deco” (ArtDeco) name, and from the world famous.

Design: gather talented talent

Cartier gathered a group of talented designers, which is undoubtedly the best Dusu. In the “decorative arts” later, she let the puma become a popular commodity, called Cartier trademark. She has always been willing to try new ideas, under her leadership, Cartier successfully launched a series of inventions in the field of modern jewelry accessories cut a striking figure. In 1942, Cartier’s designers in Paris Vancouver Park, the zoo to find inspiration. During this period, Cartier in the original puma, zebra and tortoiseshell and other decorative elements, adding more plants and Asian culture theme, such as dragon and fire beast used to decorate the clock, brooches and pendants, then cited the Germanic and Symbolic Elements in Far East ‘s Mythology.

Innovation: the treasures of art

In innovation, Cartier often to the world shocked. Cartier was designed for the Queen Elizabeth of Belgium to produce a royal laurel-themed motif

Scroll of the crown, for the Indian national gods Singh jazz making the famous “dream jewelry” necklace. In addition, for Cartier, “story” is also an important product appeal method. Whether it is Cartier’s first animal modeling “cheetah” brooch behind the Duke of Windsor love story, or to commemorate the “war” tanks designed and designed “Tank watch series”, Cartier each product has a Own beautiful story. And the French famous poet Jean Cocteau (JeanCocteau) related to the three-ring ring and in the promises affectionate “because of love, choose a life, a moment, choose to forgive, pay, accept, choose to wait” love series, More Cartier won the most extensive fans.

Spread articles: luxury way

Some people say, “luxury since the date of birth, doomed its marketing approach different.” At present, there are two kinds of marketing communication marketing, one is to spread the brand image, brand appeal to consumers, such as Cartier, Tiffany, TESIRO psychic jewelry brands; the other is the focus of the dissemination of jewelry products, (Especially with the “new product + concept”) to open up the market, such as Chow Tai Fook, Xie Ruilin, Zhou Shengsheng and so on.

“In China, public relations is more important than sales.” Cartier love ring replica admitted, “regardless of where the store opened to the public relations departments are vanguard, around the different platforms to promote the operation of the brand.” Cadillac’s communication activities, always adhere to Integrated marketing communication concept. All marketing communication activities must be around the “jeweler’s emperor, the emperor’s jeweler” theme appeal to carry out, and product positioning highly consistent. In the spread, Cardia is good at using a variety of means to occupy the consumer mind.

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