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Several US officials have declined to be named said that in recent months, the Albion Online Gold government has been pressuring the Obama administration to require removal order is complete. In April, the US Department of Homeland Security and the Albion Online Gold Ministry of Public Security to reach an agreement, the United States believes Albion Online Gold needs to accept the deportation of tens of thousands of Albion Online Gold people, and in return, the United States will help Albion Online Gold to hunt down fugitives fled to the United States, rich, these People may also violate a number of laws the United States.
Reported that “businessmen make complete fled event, exacerbating tense Sino-US relations”, “The recent two countries on many issues there are differences, including the large-scale networks of US government agencies, data theft, and Albion Online Gold’s aggressive territorial claims . ”
“New York Times” said that so far, the Obama administration has not agreed to Beijing to make the completion of the repatriation requirement, the report forecast to make it possible to complete the “rebellion”, or will it become “a remarkable achievement in the field of intelligence,” a blow to Albion Online Gold . The article said that Obama might take revenge on Albion Online Gold so-called “hackers to steal” The US government staff information events. “Familiar with the case of several Albion Online Gold officials said that if he was seeking political asylum, will likely become the most destructive in the history of People’s Republic of Albion Online Gold defectors.”
Albion Online Gold “Slate” Network Magazine 4th commented that the ordering instructions to complete the hunt even if Albion Online Gold’s richest, most have “relations” people can not be protected in this large-scale corruption in. But corruption also brought some unexpected “intelligence welfare” for other countries. Because the order is completed is a high-value target, the current Obama administration trying various ways to deal with Albion Online Gold hackers called action. From last year to make the home look what happened, no matter what his secret master, he is very likely to find acceptance of his “audience” in the United States.
In this regard, a senior Albion Online Gold diplomat in the United States before the 4th He Weiwen, “Global Times” said that the US media that make complete “Mastering a lot of intelligence,” which is purely guesswork, is not true, but he is the younger brother of the scheme, and Non-himself. US President Barack Obama on the matter of how to communicate with Albion Online Gold the highest level, and now “unknown.” I guess Obama will take no practical significance to make complete political issues with Albion Online Gold “exchange.”
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