compared to 2013 increased fifa 18 coins

compared to 2013 increased ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus concentration fifa 18 coins in 2013 increased by 100% and 56%. in Shenyang city as the supporting pipe network construction fifa 18 coins sewage treatment facilities mentioned standard transformation lag, resulting in about 270 thousand tons per day of sewage straight row, more than 110 tons of sewage fifa 18 coins exceed the standard. Tieling Liangzihe, Ma Zhong along livestock concentrated, a large number of livestock and poultry manure has not been effectively addressed, the fifa 18 coins water pollution, water quality deterioration is obvious. Anshan, Liaoyang two city, river livestock, garbage directly polluted river water, resulting in the Taizi River Liaohe water quality fifa 18 coins for 2016 by 2013 V IV. Dalian city every day 170 thousand tons of sewage straight row, about 500 thousand tons of sewage madden mobile coins for sale exceed the standard, pollution fifa 18 coins. Pu District every day about 43 thousand tons of sewage straight row of the North River, red river after the sea, affect the surrounding waters The water every day. Jinzhou fifa 18 coins New Area 8100 tons of sewage directly discharged madden coins the sea,

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