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1.What does our company offer?
Our company offers the MMORPG services on the internet featuring We currently offering services for World of Warcraft US And Europe.
2.What payment methods do you guys take?
We accept paypal, moneybookers, and direct credit cards.
3.What is power leveling service?
  Power Leveling is the term of a service used to quickly power your characters to the level you desire. This service is commonly used to level your account characters levels to the desired level of your choice.
4.Where do you guys level my character?.
   We have levelers all over the world who work for us, from Canada to Australia and many points between. However, we use VPN proxies that show only a USA, Canadian or European IP address.
5.How do you guys level my character?
    For the majority of the games we offer, we log into your account and play the character up the levels until we reach your desired level. This is done fast and discreetly. We do not employ bots, hacks, cheats or use 3rd party mods during the leveling process. We do our best to make this a safe and fun experience for our customers!
6.Do you use bots or cheats?
  No, the use of bots, cheats, hacks or mods is strictly forbidden to our levelers. Any leveler caught doing something like that is immediately fired. We do our best to level your character the safest way.
7.Is my gear, gold, character SAFE getting this service?
Yes. We require all of our workers to supply screen shots of before and after the service. If any worker were to be caught stealing from a customer's account, they know they would be made to replace the stolen items and then be fired. However, anything that YOU will be worried about, we suggest simply moving it to a different account for your own peace of mind.
8.What do I do after the service?
First thing is change the password again to maintain the security of your account. This is very important. We ask you do this for our security as well as for your own.
9.When will you get start ?
For World of Warcraft, we will wait for 12-24 hours after the order is assigned, because this helps protect your account from showing too many IPs in a short amount of time. We DO request that once you submit an account for powerleveling that you do NOT log into the account.
10.Why don't I ever see my character online? Aren't you leveling it?
In general, we do not level 24 hours a day. This is dangerous to your account. We try and keep the hours to around 12 a day and we generally level at "night", which means you would likely seldom actually SEE the character online.