FIFA 13 kicks off with a bang

FIFA 13 kicks off with a bang

FIFA 13 launched this past Tuesday in North America and was greeted with a significant amounts of pre orders, but what people did not expect was the amount of units it would sell in its first day.

According to a release from EA today, FIFA 13 sold over 353,000 units in its first day of availability in North America.

In the first 24 hours of the game’s launch in North America, gamers played an overwhelming 1.4 million online games, which was a 35 percent increase from a year ago.

From a pre order standpoint, over 1.3 million copies have been bought prior to release worldwide, making the total copies sold so far well over 1.65 million units and growing.

Executive Vice President of EA Sports Andrew Wilson naturally said the company is excited about the franchise’s initial success.

“We’re thrilled that fans throughout North America have embraced FIFA Soccer 13 in such a big way,” Wilson said. “North Americans appreciate a great playing game and their level of engagement with our game is helping to drive the sport’s popularity in the United States.”

FIFA 13 is available now in North America on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and some to come, the Wii U.

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