FIFA 15 Star Rating 8.2 points

Sports games at the outset winner-take of temperament, but I do not know since when , EAs FIFA series from Konamis Pro Evolution Soccer snatched the industry leader at the top spot in terms of popularity and sales achieve a comprehensive suppression of the latter. The so-called mad can be positive , although there behind Konami in hardships, sharpening , this FIFA 15 is still largely revealed the FIFA series of development mentality is experiencing from pursuers to psychological shift leader , but also reveals a new direction EA hopes to lead onto a football game.

EAs stocking policy making FIFA series of almost any improvements must be progressive , so if you had already played a lot of FIFA 14, then this latest FIFA 15 On the technical side , I am afraid not as overflowing with freshness blowing debut next-generation consoles like before . In fact, this for the players in terms of modeling , the picture is expressive way or the other did not show too much than before to make significant changes . Precisely because of this , in a sense , this FIFA 15 in the more refined aspects of the efforts demonstrated by far bigger people feel too ultimate team coins fifa

In the eyes of you veterans, the original source of actual competition brought about by the freshness of the few should be the goalkeeper s performance on the field . EA in FIFA 15 in the way of action goalkeeper made ??a large-scale transformation , which from now on changing the atmosphere of the restricted area . From authenticity angle mode of action of view , this made the goalkeeper at least behave better than any one in the series works are more realistic , like they would choose to attack in case of emergencies , and then appear in the discovery behind and flanking when outflank players back, defensive positioning the ball when they will behave more independently , as if they thought patterns with other players is completely different.

Specific issues related to fighting , EA had also once claimed to be abused for its predecessor in some way to make a correction shot , at least I have not found what Anshao exceptionally easy way to break in the game. In addition , FIFA 15 The goalkeeper will now be more inclined to hit the ball fly, and fewer will choose to control the ball in his hands , and in some it seems that most people should be directly put the ball Hold the same is true under more reasonable conditions.For more info about fifa have a look at our net page: check it out

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