FIFA NES games were knitted very simple

Seabass: When I was young, I liked to gambled NES games. Compared to these newer games games are much more complex. NES games were knitted very simple, but they have made incredible fun. Even a simple game principle can therefore provide much entertainment. My aim is therefore to combine the complex and the simple elements and thereby combine the best of both to find the perfect balance. Fifa 15 Coins coming soon. supplies FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for platforms. Every day you can find our daily special offer for your FUT 15 Coins purchase.

Cynamite: Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is considered amongst many as the best football game ever. Starting with the next part, the first of the current generation of consoles, you have changed almost every aspect of the game. Many fans were not happy about it at all. Why was the step of PES on the last generation of consoles through to current for you so hard?

Seabass: The game development has changed dramatically by switching from one console generation to the next. Today, we need a lot more people in our development team than before. When we started with the development of the first next-gen PES, it was very difficult for me to organize this huge team. At that time we had so struggled with quite a problem. But today I have no problem with the coordination of large groups. We now return to work very effectively, I am therefore very confident.

Cynamite: I am very surprised that off-the-ball control in PES 15 no longer plays a role. That used to be very popular and in some other players.

Jon Murphy: That is indeed a point that is raised just more common in community. And to be absolutely honest, with respect to this feature, there is no unified opinion of PES fans, there is no one, right way. Many people say that they want the ability to control those players who are not exactly on the ball. Others prefer that the AI takes over this part. We had so we can decide either way – some fans would have made our decision happy, others not. But I think Seabass has their own opinion about how and why we made our decision.

Seabass: I want to always make a beginner-friendly simulation game. Once in the game, you’re just one man. In real football you can take your ten players can not easily control the game I wanted to convey ergo the same feeling. In principle, therefore, is to take over the control of the players in PES AI that are not exactly on the ball. That is my opinion.our facebook about Buy FUT Coins), you can get new cheap fifa 15 coins new, story and event. our facebook is very fine.

Cynamite: PES 15 is fully developed – if you look back now, is there something that you are not satisfied or something you necessarily want to change in PES 2012?

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