FIFA World: abgespecktes FIFA 14 for free download

Just in time for the start of the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil in 2014, EA released FIFA World with a free spin-off of the FIFA series for the PC. In FIFA World is a functionally slightly restricted FIFA 14, in the beta version is free to download EA’s Origin platform now available. supplies FIFA 14 Coins for platforms.


In FIFA World you can arrange your own team, where you can on a trading buy and sell players. In a league mode, it is possible to carry your favorite club top of the table and share your most spectacular goals of a social hub with your friends. Besides Origin can you FIFA World on the official website to download.Every day you can find our daily special offer for your Buy FIFA Coins purchase.



How in FIFA 14, you can not say now, of course. What one can say is that this year again the refinement takes up most importance. No great revolutions or whatever – what you should because even revolutionize large? Football is now time football. Real progress in terms of AI, physics, graphics or you can probably expect only in the next console generation.

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