FIFA World Cup 2014 Doubts Spread for Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Doubts Spread for Brazil

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is just under three years away. Today’s announcement revealed what will follow the FIFA World Cup 2014, as Russia and Qatar will follow in Brazil’s footsteps. Both Russia and Qatar are celebrating, as they are about to get massive exposure and attention. However, that can also be a curse if they struggle to get everything up and running. Brazil can attest to that, as today’s announcement has helped highlight their continuing problems. According to Times LIVE, the Brazilians are having a hard time completing work on their 12 venues. They not only have to get them ready for 2014, but also for the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup. Therefore, the deadline has to be December 2012.

If these worries are true, then the World Cup 2014 could start to look iffy. Choosing Brazil as the host was a risk to begin with, even though their team is the most decorated in soccer history. Not only is the nation consumed with preparing for the soccer tournaments, they also must get ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Russia became the second nation to host the World Cup and the Olympics in the same decade, as they now hold the 2014 Winter Games and the 2018 Cup. Yet they will have more time in between events than Brazil does, as they must pull off the Confederation Cup, the World Cup and Summer Games within four years.

The centerpiece of Brazil’s struggle is the Maracana Stadium, which is undergoing a $400 million renovation. If they can get that finished in time, and up to code, then the rest may fall into place. But even if the venues are eventually finished, it may not fix their other overriding concerns.

With the strain on Brazilian airports, the criminal gangs in Rio de Janeiro, and 2 million Rio residents in shantytowns, the World Cup could still go wrong in many ways. After Russia and Qatar got to be the next in line today, the concerns of Brazil are under a more glaring spotlight than ever.

Hosting an event like this is never easy, let alone hosting three major competitions in four years. Brazil is clearly under a lot of pressure, with time running shorter and shorter. Since half of the host cities just started in June, FIFA is insisting that they ramp things up. The 2011 Women’s FIFA World Cup will be held in Germany.

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