FIFA15 serie a team, Ethiopia, musa collocation parsing

FIFA15 squad collocation is a great learning, in which many players were very troubling. Small make up today bring FIFA15 Coins about serie a team, Ethiopia and general collocation solution, hope to be of help.


Because god front of miserable, finally unbearable or rolled up, but I don’t know what my serie a team how collocation. Now this a few red line lead to Kingston biya only seven chemical, grace, in only 6. Although the team is 100, but will still affect the movement?

Chemical 6 with enough, my luca library in serie a, and a yellow line for goran, also all kinds of raw, scoring more than on the edge of carlos tevez, emenike is already bad, is not willing to run, lb let him run and run well, prefer to turn around and carry back, but the problem is his ability to score the ball is not strong, so, fifa 15 ultimate team coins there is no greater role was carried, even if looked at fast speed, but the ball is poor, several to go up, and stops the ball away, easy to break, suggested the building with luca library, the same type, but much better, more money is costa, both are info is slower than he, used up faster than he.


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