Graphics May Not Be the Focal Point in Future Video Games

Graphics May Not Be the Focal Point in Future Video Games

Throughout the generations of consoles, graphics saw an increase in importance as technology increased. It’s hard to find a game that’s considered great nowadays if it doesn’t have awesome graphics. This is especially true with sport games. Sport game developers thought one of the core ways to make a realistic game is to make it look real. Sport games are simulations of real sports after all, and so if it doesn’t look the part then good luck trying to sell it. Developers have succeeded in bringing awesome graphics to sports games. Now in nearly every sports game, beads of sweat and emotion can be see in every player. In the past, both my mother and little brother have thought I was watching a sporting event when in reality I was playing a video game. When you can confuse people into thinking video games are real life, then you know you’ve enhanced graphics to the max. So expectations have been shattered for how life like games look today, which cements the importance of graphics in gaming forever, right? Maybe not.

In September of 2010, Aaron Leach of Game Rant published an article reporting that the next generation of consoles may lean away from making graphics a high priority, and he wasn’t just voicing his personal opinion, either. He had one very big person in the gaming industry backing him up. This person is EA Sports’ head honcho, Peter Moore. Moore’s official title is president of EA Sports, which is the largest and most successful publisher of sport games. It is the powerhouse of powerhouses and can essentially make or break you depending on who you are. That is the type of power Peter Moore has, and so his voice is always heard loud and clear. He had this to say about the future of graphics:

“It’s hard to see how much better we can get from a graphical fidelity/realism perspective, though. Nintendo took a lot of people by surprise with the Wii. ‘We’re gonna have fun and you don’t even get arms and legs on some of our characters. Do you want to connect online? We don’t have that. Do you want to watch HD media? We don’t have that, either.’ The future may not be about cutting edge tech, it may simply be about unique experiences.”

Now this quote can be interpreted in several different ways. He could be saying that graphics are amazing now so why spend the time and money trying to improve them. He could be insinuating that developers have hit a technological wall that will not allow much more improvement in graphics. He could be saying that if one company (Nintendo) can do well with a console that does not have emphasize amazing graphics then the others (Microsoft and Sony) will probably follow suit in creating a console in which graphics is not a top priority. Whatever he meant by it is irrelevant, though. What does matter is that he brings up an excellent point with the Wii. The Wii has been wildly successful because of the unique experience it brought to gaming. Nintendo based the console off motion experience and not graphics, and it was a big hit. Unfortunately, sport franchises such as Madden and FIFA were not a big hit on the Wii.

What Moore fails to recognize is that the games that make EA Sports the powerhouse that it is are Madden and FIFA. These two games are two, maybe even three, times more successful than the other sport franchises made by 2k Sports (MLB NBA 2k), Konami (Pro Evolution Soccer), and Sony (MLB: The Show). Graphics are of high importance in both Madden and FIFA. So he can point out that Wii has been successful without amazing graphics all he wants, but the fact is that what he presides over would not be what it is today without amazing graphics. If Peter Moore is serious about not looking at graphics as a priority in the future, then he better get a move on syncing EA Sports games to Kinect, which Sony has already accomplished in its latest version of MLB: The Show with its PS Move.

Despite what Moore says, I think graphics will always be a priority in video games. Gamers are basically trained to expect games to look better graphically, especially when a new generation of consoles hits the market. Companies cannot just completely change direction and not emphasize graphics anymore because that type of change in direction is too drastic. It will only just confuse and anger gamers. I also don’t think Peter Moore is right when he said there isn’t much more developers can do to enhance graphics because technology advances and evolves at an extremely rapid pace. It would be like someone saying they can’t leave their house because their car is low on gas, but everybody knows there are gas stations to fix that problem. Well with technology everybody knows that something new will always be discovered and utilized. Graphics may not be the highest important like in the past, but they’ll always be a priority.

As the countdown to the next generation of consoles gets smaller and smaller by the day, it’ll be interesting to see if Peter Moore is indeed correct. Rumors have been swirling about what everyone is calling the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4, but neither Microsoft nor Sony has made any official announcements on their latest console. The rumored release time for these consoles is late 2013 at the earliest and early 2014 at the latest. Until then, enjoy the amazing graphics of today’s games because they may not be getting any better than this.

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