How to buy jade jade ring?

When purchasing jade emerald ring, pay attention to the following points:

1, saddle ring, first of all to observe whether the ring around the crack or flaws, look at the size is appropriate, and then see the saddle on the green or emerald is full or full red, if the local Tsui or red, its color should Located in the center and can not be biased at one end, and finally see the whole ring is fine, including its inside has been polished.

2, small garden ring, the same first to check whether the cracks or flaws, try (or volume) size, look at whether the transparent jade, the process is delicate.

How to buy jade ring face?

Buy a variety of jade ring face, to pay attention to the following points:

1, saddle face, shape to be beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica , length and width ratio to coordinate, and should not be too thin, jade to be transparent, it is best to all green; positive and negative inspection no cracks, no flaws;

2, egg-shaped ring surface, the shape should be beautiful, the thickness to be larger (that is, half of the egg is generally raised) and not like a discus flat (flat because the jade film is too thin due to); positive and negative inspection no cracks , Flawless;

3, Yanjian ring face, shape to be beautiful, the ratio of long and long to coordinate, no cracks, no flaws.

4, rectangular ring face, shape should be beautiful, pay attention to the thickness should not be too thin, so as not to be damaged when the mosaic.

How to buy necklace

Necklace contains neck neck in the neck, also known as short necklace, hanging outside the collar in the collar, up to the chest of the chest chain, also known as long necklace. China’s jewelry market to sell the product, generally 42 cm and 54 cm pearl necklace and gem necklace most common, 107 cm gem long necklace (such as with olivine, garnet, crystal, Furong stone, jade, turquoise , Jade and agate and other thick material made) can also be seen, this long necklace is often tall and character chic women love; a small number of medium-sized women will be long necklace into two laps

(A lap long, a short circle) worn on the chest, but also quite distinctive. Optional necklace should be noted.


All kinds of precious stones identification and purchase

What is a gem

The gem is made of gem mineral. Gem minerals are divided into two categories: organic minerals and inorganic minerals. Gem minerals through people’s processing, who can be used to make people decorations, can be called gems. However, the reason why minerals will become gems, but also must have the following major features:

1) beautiful nature produced by the colorful Cartier love ring replica transparent pure mineral and rock, with a high ornamental ornamental value. This is the main condition for determining whether it is a gem.

2) hard texture, durable wear because hard not afraid of friction, do not lose luster, not easy to deformation, not broken, can become a gem, will be people cherished, collection. The hardness of high-grade gem is generally greater than the hardness of 7 minerals.

3) The value of scarce gems depends to a great extent on its distribution in nature. Organic minerals are mainly from the plant and animal world, such as: pearls, corals, amber, jade and ivory. Inorganic minerals are the most important part of precious stones. Such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, cat’s eye and so on.

The world’s minerals, including organic and inorganic, are about 3,000 or so. In this 3000 kinds of minerals, with a beautiful, durable, scarce and suitable for processing as a gem, and only a hundred species, and in this hundred kinds of minerals, for jewelers and wearers, there are only about 20 Is the most important.

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