The ideal shapewear should give you that perfect shape and look you have always dreamt of, and not get you hitching and fiddling your clothes all through. It should fit you perfectly thus ensuring you maintain the sparkly and slinky feeling through the evening. Anything that forces you to fiddle or even make brief dashes to the bathroom to readjust should be avoided.

Available from small to plus size shapewear UK offers a wide range of assortment including corsets, shaping skirts, shaping shorts, panty girdle, and more. Although these come in handy in giving you that desired shape and figure, roll down/roll-up can be a real challenge for the user. Roll-up can ruin an otherwise perfect day or night; one of the reasons you need to choose one that fits perfectly. The shapewear should help boost your confidence, not the other way around. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to banish roll down.

1. Shop and Buy Wisely

The first step to beating shapewear roll down is by shopping and buying wisely. You need to identify a reliable supplier who only provides high-quality items. If shopping online, check to ensure the supplier has a return policy in case you need to return a few. This is particularly important if looking to try out several sizes.

In addition to shopping with a reliable and trusted supplier, you need to be true to yourself. Do not be tempted to pick anything other than your size. Undersized shapewear will not only roll down but also create unsightly bumps. Going for the right-sized shapewear will help prevent these, hence no highlights or bumps.

2. Timing

Whatever the reason is for wearing shapewear, your body needs to be dry with not even the slightest trace of wetness. Sliding into the shaping skirt or shorts immediately after having a shower only increases the risk of rolling. That said, you need to take a little more time to ensure the skin is completely dry before sliding them on. Damp skin will cause the fabric to either slide or hold on to your skin. As long as the skin is naturally dry, a perfectly fitting shapewear won’t roll up or down.

3. Folding, Sticking, and Tucking

You can use any other accessory within your reach to secure the shapewear in place. For instance, you can use your bra to help prevent roll for under-bust corsets. Other undergarments can also be used to help layer the shapewear and keep it in place. This reduces chances of the corset, for instance, rolling down.

If the bra or underwear doesn’t seem to hold the shapewear well, you can use a dressing tape for extra security. Although some shapewear will come with a built-in grip strip, you can still use the dressing tape win your wardrobe to serve the purpose. This is just a backup measure to ensure you don’t feel awkward or get embarrassed if on-stage.

If the outfit allows it, you can then tuck the shapewear under a waistband, fold of the led, or the bustline. You however need to be careful not to create bumps and lumps with the folds.

4. Anchorage

While a tuck may seem firm at first, it isn’t particularly secure. Any form of movement can render it useless on the shapewear. Shopping for hooks that will help attach control briefs and girdles to your bra might be the ultimate solution. You could also look for shapewear designed to hook itself to the bra or any other inner garment. Straps can be used to control slips too. With adequate anchorage, you won’t have to worry about the shapewear rolling or any unsightly bumps showing.

5. Accessorise Perfectly

A fitting and firm shapewear isn’t enough for a fun day or night. You need to pair it with the right foundation garment and accessories. These include waistbands, dress line, strapless or straps, trouser, skirt, empire line, or slinky clothes. The undergarments too need to match with the shapewear. This means having everything from matching control briefs, strapped shaping slips, corsets, and everything else you have to accessorise with.