International Milan sell the core after the sale of the people

International Milan has just sent away the core of the team, Kovacic, however, there are still many people in the international Milan array will be cleaned. According to Italy media reports, the international Milan due to the European Union’s fiscal policy will continue to sell some players, including the team’s Japanese defender Hatomo Yuto is likely to be the next victim”.

According to the Italy media “” reported that the Italian Serie A team Genoa club in the inter array of the Japanese defender is very interested, but the international Milan and Genoa two clubs have not been agreed in the transfer of Hatomo Yuto. The Nerazzurri are known to the core of the Genoa team Perotti as alternatives to Wolfsburg winger perisic. If perisic doesn’t come so international Milan may be offensive Perotti, reported that international Milan hope to Yuto Nagatomo transfer with Perot pedicle. However, Perotti due to injury will be absent for two weeks, so from the current point of view, fifa coins kaufen ps4 whether it is Hatomo Yuto or Perotti, there are a large transfer.

Also according to the famous Italian transfer expert Dima Ji Austrian personal website reported that Everton defender stones may he would join Chelsea in the summer, too toffee that Inter Milan captain Nokia is the stones of a supplement candidates.fifa münzen kaufen It is reported that Everton football club has and inter were initial contact, but the specific details of the report were not disclosed. International Milan in the new season to introduce Miranda and Jose, in the position of the centre back is difficult to get enough time to play, so the transfer to other teams for NOKIA is a good choice.

In addition, the international Milan coach Mancini in the summer has been looking for a left back, Zenit, Russia’s super team Kerry Sito Italy defender is one of the goals of inter. Recently Criscito’s agent has also accepted the Italian media interview, he said the Nerazzurri indeed for Criscito is interested in. He said: “the international Milan is really interested in Kerry Sito, but as of now the two clubs have not had a substantial contact, so the transaction is still in the closed state.”Chick Here.

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