Mascot joins Fifa Club World Cup promo tour

Mascot joins Fifa Club World Cup promo tour

Abu Zabi, sheikhdom (1995 pop. 928,360), c. Organisers of the Fifa Club World Cup UAE 2009 has

unveiled the tournament’s official mascot u a young and energetic

Arabian Dhabi (gazelle gazelle, name for the many species of delicate, graceful antelopes of the genus Gazella, inhabiting arid, open country. Most gazelles are found only in Africa, but several species range over N Africa and SW Asia; the Persian, or goitered, gazelle ( ).

The mascot has embarked on a series of appearances across the UAE,

visiting malls, stadiums, schools and public parks, along with the

Official Trophy Tour, to generate interest among children and families

about the upcoming tournament, which kicks off on December 9.

Shatha Al Romaithi, spokesperson for the Local Organising

Committee, said: “Grassroots development of football is a common

objective of Fifa and the Local Organising Committee of the Fifa Club

World Cup UAE 2009, and it is an important part of the legacy we hope

the tournament will leave behind. We want to expand local

children’s knowledge and interest in football and therefore

encourage them to lead more active, healthy lifestyles. Creating a

mascot has helped us to engage with children on a more directThe mascot will be at the following venues in the coming weeks:

nGlobal Village, Dubai December 1 and 2;

nRugby Sevens, Dubai December 3, 4 and 5;

nMohammad Bin Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi December 9, 11 and 15;

nZayed Sports City The Sports City is a sporting complex located in the Al Waab district of Doha, Qatar which contains several sporting venues, mostly constructed in preparation for the 2006 Asian Games. , Abu Dhabi December 12, 16 and 19.

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