Miss Management Cheats

Miss Management Cheats

The OfficeTown store provides office supplies, caffeinated beverages and sugary snacks that the employees will request throughout the game. Normally, you have to use petty cash to purchase these items, but you can get them for free by altering one of the game files.

Enter the “Miss Management” game folder, then the “Levels” subfolder. There is an XML file called “GlobalSettings” that can be opened with any text editor. Each item for sale in the store is listed in the document in quotation marks, followed by “cost,” an equal sign and a number in quotation marks. The number represents the price at which the item is sold in the store. By changing those numbers to zero throughout the file and saving the document, you’ll be able to acquire items from OfficeTown at no cost.

Each character has a stress meter that shows his tension level. If an employee’s meter fills, he will become too stressed out and have to leave the office for the day. Workers will get annoyed by the actions of coworkers; for example, Pearl, the former office manager, gets stressed out whenever anyone else is away from his desk.

It can be difficult to meet the needs of every employee at the same time, so it’s best to give priority to the ones who have the most work to do on a given level. Icons next to the character’s head will show what is bothering him at the moment; put a stop to the stress factors until the employee has completed his tasks. Donuts and other treats will reduce an employee’s stress level, but it’s only a temporary solution. Each person has a favorite method for relaxing in the office Winston likes playing video games, Tara enjoys drawing on the whiteboard that is sure to reduce stress quickly.

Required goals for a level are highlighted in green and must be completed to advance in the game. Optional goals are highlighted in orange and are only necessary to get all three stars in a level. New optional tasks will unlock when you complete required goals.

Each level takes place over several office days, but it’s still necessary to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. Many tasks have a duration; for example, Mahavir will want to nap on the couch for 100 seconds. This will inevitably bother someone else, so it’s best to complete these tasks in 10 or 15 second increments.

Look through your level requirements for goals whose negative effects cancel each other out. Pearl likes to smoke in the office, but gets upset when people hang out by the water cooler. Luke can’t stand second hand smoke, but enjoys sipping herbal tea at the cooler. These two employees can meet their goals at the same time without anyone getting stressed out.

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