NeoMedia Brews Up Mobile Couponing Beer Deal for FIFA World Cup Fans

NeoMedia Brews Up Mobile Couponing Beer Deal for FIFA World Cup Fans

See over the counter market (OTC). BB: NEOM) company, in cooperation with its FunkTicket AG partner, has brewed up a mobile couponing beer deal for fans attending FIFA FIFA International Association Football Federation [French Fdration Internationale de Football Association]

To participate, fans call a hotline or send a text message (SMS (1) (Storage Management System) Software used to routinely back up and archive files. See HSM.

(2) (Systems Management Server) Systems management software from Microsoft that runs on Windows NT Server. ) with their name and the catchphrase Noun 1. catchphrase a phrase that has become a catchword

catch phrase

phrase an expression consisting of one or more words forming a grammatical constituent of a sentence “Bewegungsmelder Bier bier1. A stand on which a corpse or a coffin containing a corpse is placed before burial.

2. A coffin along with its stand: followed the bier to the cemetery. .” They then receive a money off coupon in the form of a smartcode on their mobile phone, which they take to the beer stand at the World Cup soccer stadium. The smartcode displayed on the screen of the cellphone (CELLular telePHONE) The first ubiquitous wireless telephone. Originally analog, all new cellular systems are digital, which has enabled the cellphone to turn into a smartphone that has access to the Internet. 2 (approximately $2.60) off the price of a Bitburger beer, drawn from the tap of Germany’s second biggest brewery. To cause to become less natural, especially to make less naive and more worldly.

2. and immediacy,” said Martin Copus, head of NeoMedia Mobile and COO of the parent company. “Gavitec’s EXIO retail scanner enables mobile couponing, ticketing and payment solutions that really move the marketing ball forward.” The mobile couponing program will continue through the end of the World Cup games in Kaiserslautern.

About Gavitec AG mobile digit

Gavitec AG mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company (OTC BB: NEOM), is a leader in technology provision for code reading systems and software for mobile applications. Founded in 1997, Gavitec offers its clients standardized or individual solutions in the areas of mobile marketing, mobile ticketing, mobile couponing and mobile payment systems.

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