owes me an apology

owes me an apology

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limit my search to /r/FIFAuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. When i shared my story, the only reason was to let people know what I have been through and not that you, as a person, is a scammer but the app I downloaded scammed me. If you remember my post i clearly mentioned referred to that guy who posted earlier and never mentioned you. I never said it was you . rather in my subsequent posts, I praised you and even said officially that you have helped me in solving the issue.

Secondly, regarding the app. I didn download anything from media fire. But I guess I did download it from Aptoid but I purchased your app right after that. So yeah, I might have fucked up . I am admitting it.

Third, I apologize if I have put a dent on your reputation by any means. Though, no means were intentional but the whole situation might have put you in the center of lots of questions. Which I apologize. But I would like to stress it again that I officially mentioned that you have helped me in solving the issue in number of old comments which clearly tells that I was having trust in you and I wasn being a dickhead.

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