Questions about albion online–Why my referral link isn’t working / link is broken?

When you click on a user’s referral link, you will be directed to our website, with the normal with at the end, which indicates that your visit has been referred from another user’s referral link.


Referrals work based on cookies on our website, which track a user’s visits to each page. They will recognise and remember your account as visiting under a certain referral link, or without one.


The referral system was put in place to attract new players to Albion Online; MMO fans who’ve not heard of the game before.


For this reason, if a user clicks on your referral link to purchase, but had already visited our website before under no link or under a different link, their purchase will not be logged as a referral from your link, as their original visit was saved by the cookies and this is not altered by a new referral link.


If a referral is not showing up on your Referrals page, it is very likely due to this system, which will not log referrals if the referred user has visited our website before.


In summary; for a referral to log to your account, the user you refer must have not visited our website before outside of your referral link, and must both register their account and purchase their pack while visiting the site through your referral link.


Please note also that gifting a pack to another user does not count towards your referral total, though we do intend to change this in the future.


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