should know it better than anyone else

Renren, China’s first social networking site once, surely even you know,Albion Online Gold every time you make a fortune reported that greet you are ridiculed and laughed at; everyone, you know, when we talk about “Renren Next time will be how to do “, will be very contemptuous say” simply direct investment company to make a transition to forget “; Renren, have you ever thought that you now come down once between scenery and you listed, what the difference between what?

Surely you also want to shout loud outside,Tera Gold “earnings figures increased loss is because the necessary transition period to increase investment in Language”, “investment as part of the company’s normal financial operations and not to do good on the subject because of unfair treatment, cash equivalents Is it not better, why this will become everyone’s trough point “,” is also doing the campus market, why Yik Yark just started doing no results can be touted by everyone so much, but he was just made for Some errors, it will not give a chance to rediscover their “……

But have you thought about it, why do you think everyone’s grievances are not understanding? Even if you call breaking the throat, the sound of tears Tixia shouted “innocent” people still being likened to “This is crocodile tears, do not deserve our sympathy,” even we are holding to see a joke in mind, ready for another one piece to give you add some “seasoning.”

You may be somewhat annoyed, and once that “one or two people do not understand that you are normal, so many people do not understand you, it must have been out of the question”, beginning from himself to improve, “rebranding push for students breakdown products – beep, Mody Mody clatter, community people, campus square, “although they gained a lot of recognition in student years, but still not able to everyone on your” negative evaluation “There is no difference.

In fact, the biggest mistake you made that into a sad spring injury autumn “ego,” and did not withdraw it the real face of these reviews you!

“We can just forget direct transition to investment company”

As the capital of the company has been very successful, development of mobile Internet exactly how the fire, surely you should know it better than anyone else! When you see them one after another vertical field of products have been so much praise at the same time, do you think, everyone on your criticism, may be more of a burden from the past, not for your efforts today.

Take this second quarter earnings for instance, your performance is really disappointing: Everyone’s second quarter 2015 net operating income was $ 15.1 million, down 34.0% compared with the same period in 2014, in which everyone business net Operating income was $ 10.3 million, down 21.1% compared with the same period in 2014; gaming revenue was $ 4.8 million, down 51.1% compared with the same period in 2014. In all business net operating revenue, online advertising revenue was $ 3.9 million, down 60.1% compared with the same period in 2014; Internet value-added services revenues were $ 6.4 million, compared with 2014 growth of 90.8 percent over the same period.

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