Spain Loss in 2010 FIFA World Cup is Shocker

Spain Loss in 2010 FIFA World Cup is Shocker

A Spain loss in the 2010 FIFA World Cup is certainly a soccer shocker. Spain did lose to Switzerland 1 0 in South Africa today in the opener for both squads. What does that mean for Spain in its quest for a 2010 FIFA World Cup title? ESPN was reporting earlier today that only 3 other squads have lost their opening match and went on to win the World Cup. Does that mean Spain has no chance to win it all after an opening round loss? It might not be as difficult for Spain to rebound as some may think although the play today was not the caliber that would lead soccer experts to believe Spain is capable. A runner up finish would also potentially set up a matchup with another soccer giant in the Round of 16.

The Spain loss sent shockwaves throughout the soccer communities around the world. Spain was projected as one of the favorites to win the entire 2010 FIFA World Cup. Yet, here they are hoping to play much better and possibly now needing two wins just to advance out of Group H play. The irony is that Spain could finish second in their group and line up with Brazil once the tournament is down to just 16 teams. It’s the kind of loss that is a shocker to many soccer fans and practically might re align the entire field. The Group G winner(Brazil) vs. Group H runner up(Spain) potential match might be amazing with both teams fighting for their respective tournament lives. It’s almost a tougher draw for Brazil knowing they might instead face a very angry Spain in the opening match of the Round of 16.

Switzerland now is in the drivers seat in Group H with Chile, who also won their opener today over Honduras. That means wins against Chile and Honduras are imperative if Spain wants to ensure they advance in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The soccer shocker could change the dynamics of the entire tournament now that Spain has a loss and might face elimination with two ties or one more loss. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?Specifically I write about sports, reality television, entertainment, hot t. View profile

2010 FIFA World Cup Draw Pits United States Vs. England in Scheduled OpenerThe draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup took place today. The United States and England have to be pleased with their groups and respective chances after the draw.

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