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Best Sports Games For PC 2014

Best Sports Games For PC 2014

Best Sports Games For PCA Sports Game is most often a simulation of a real sport like football, basketball, baseball or racing sports like formula one, WTCC, WRC, Nascar etc. In sports games you as a player take control over a team in team sports or over an athlete in individual sports. The objective of all sports games is simple: beat all your opponents.

That mean if you are playing a team sports game like FIFA Soccer, you need to beat the opposite team or be the best in the league or tournament and if you you play a individual sports game you need to beat all other athletes that compete with you.

I think that this genre isn’t so attractive as the Action Game genre but still if it is the Best Sports Game for PC then it can be really awesome playing it and I personally really like games with a lot of competition and sports spirit because I am an athlete to.

Best Sports games for PC are also awesome because if you are a supporter of an team you can compete to other teams like in real life. For example: If you are a Manchester United fan you can play a game against Liverpool or Chelsea. Or if you like LA Lakers you can play a game against any other team in the NBA.

About Best Sports Games For PCBest Sports games for PC are simulations of the real life sports like soccer, basketball, formula one, baseball, Olympic games, etc. This type of games require some sport knowledge and position awareness so that players can successfully play and win matches,races, etc.

The first ever Sports game was played in 1958 on an oscilloscope and was called Tennis for Two. Then in late 1960s some electromechanical Sports games were developed (Crown Soccer Special, Grand Prix, Speedway). Between 1970s and 1990s a lot of sports games were introduced to gamers because in that time Sports game genre was one of the most popular. In 1990s the 16 bit era started and with that also the development of 3D graphics. in 2000s a lot of good Sports games like FIFA, NHL, NFL, NBA were developed but the big breakthrough was made in last few year with awesome graphics, simulations, mechanics and lots more.

Because of that I can’t wait for more Sports games to be released because any one of them could be The Best Sports Games for PC.

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NBA 2k14Release Date: Oct 1, 2013

1. NBA 2K14 is a basketball video game which was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. NBA 2K14 is the fifteenth game from the NBA 2K series.

NBA 2K14 is an NBA basketball simulation where you can choose between all NBA team and some extra team like 92 Dream Team. When playing you can play quick games, access the all star weekend or maybe start your Career.

My opinion:

NBA 2K14 has amazing animations and graphics which feels like you are watching a game on tv. That includes also the movement of players. Game offers some new great tricks you can perform. Maybe I didn’t like the Jay z production because its a little annoying. But overall I think that NBA 2K14 is one of the Best Sports Games For PC !

You can read NBA 2K14 review here.

GameZone 9.0

GameSpot 8.0

IGN 9.3

Metacritic 8.5

Average score: 8.70

FIFA Soccer 14Release Date: Sep 24, 2013

2. FIFA Soccer 14 is a football or soccer video game which was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. FIFA Soccer 14 is the twentieth game from the FIFA Soccer series.

Like I said, FIFA 14 is a football (soccer) simulation where you can play other teams in quick matches or maybe competitions like World cup or even play in career mode. The game offers a huge selection of team from over 30 countries and 30 leagues. You can also choose between 46 national teams from all 6 continents.

My opinion:

For me FIFA 14 is the leading football game in all terms. I like to mention the career mode where you can choose one club and in this new FIFA also one national team to manage. Its also awesome that all clubs and players are licensed and real. Maybe there are not many improvements from FIFA 13 but anyway is this one of the Best Sports Games for PC.