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Ansai Bayern retreat obvious, hope to see melon handsome back – China daily

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FIFA 18 NEWS as a strong supporter of Guardiola, former Bayern ambassador Ambrose has criticized Ancelotti’s Bayern, and once again praised Guardiola. In an interview, Brightner said: Ancelotti’s Bayern lack of Guardiola that crazy feeling, the team at least a step back, Ancelotti did not let the team progress, I did not see To the team running, some players the ability to even be weak. About Muller, Brightner said: For Muller’s performance, I am not surprised, because this is not the kind of game that belongs to him, if he continues this performance, will not help to Bayern. At the same time, he also said Alabha’s performance compared to the melon handsome period also declined: the last time we still see Alababa in a game back and forth under the sprint 90 minutes? Brettner said:; Ancelotti want to do something to give further time on the basis of three years in Guardiola That’s the best time in Bayern’s history. For if you want Guardiola to return to Bayern’s question, Brightner said: “That would be wonderful. Wenger: Mbapei is the new Bailey, he can become the best in the world
FIFA 18 NEWS In an interview with the French media, Wenger praised the Paris Saint-Germain new aid Mbipei; New Bailey, he believes that 18-year-old Mbapei has the potential to become the world’s best players. Wenger said to bein Sports:; I think he has extraordinary wit, there are extraordinary personality, there are extraordinary self-confidence.(Click to buy fifa 18 coins I said to my friend, & lsquo; Mbapei is the new Bailey & rsquo ;. He can become the world’s best players, because he has strength, but also their own personality and self-confidence. When you talk to him, you never think that you are talking to an 18 – year – old child. He will always give you the impression that when he took the ball, some special things about to happen. Mubape in Paris Saint-Germain’s partner is Nei Maer, Wenger is not sure what inspired Nemal to join Paris, but he believes that Barcelona will have a better player. Wenger said: Nemal had never accurately expressed the reason for his move in his statement, because there was always a desire for the player to play with the best player. He chose to take the opposite road, so … … economic reasons, or he felt that Paris Saint Germain will be the future of the club, will be more than Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​or personal reasons, such as he wants to be the team The player around him, or he wants to be recognized as the best player in the world. Azal: It’s time to win the Champions League with Chelsea