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Brazil shows pride to defeat Mexico

Brazil shows pride to defeat Mexico

2014 FIFA World Cup host came from behind with ten players and defeated ‘El Tri’ on the road by 2 1, thanks to a penalty defended by Jefferson and the goals from Ronaldinho and Marcelo late in the second half.

After a poor game against Costa Rica last Friday, which despite winning by 1 0 didn’t fulfill the fans expectations, Brazil wanted to change its image against Mexico, team that had a streak of 14 matches undefeated. Leaded by their star and former FIFA World Player of the year, Ronaldinho, who had four years without scoring for the National Team, the Brazilians arrived to Corona Stadium in search of a victory that allowed them to dissipate the critics at least until their next friendly game, against Gabon on November 10 at Libreville.

It was their 36th head to head confrontation, and Brazil was on the lead with 20 victories, against nine from the Mexicans the other six games ended up tied that put themselves ahead in score early in the game, through an own goal from Brazilian defender David Luiz at minute 10. Things got worse for the five time FIFA World Cup Champions when Dani Alves was sent off with his second yellow card of the game, after bringing down Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez inside the box in the last minutes of the first half. Mexico had the chance of taking a two goal lead before the break, but goalkeeper Jefferson defended the penalty kick from Andres Guardado.

In the second half is seemed as if Mexico was the team with 10 players on pitch, instead of the ‘Canarinha’ that began to control the game leaded by a great Ronaldinho. It was going to be Brazil’s number 10 and captain who through a free kick tied the game to one apiece with 11 minutes to go, and broke his 4 year streak of no goals with the National team.

That goal was a boost for the Brazilians, who not satisfied with the draw went upfront for more. They got their reward four minutes later, when Marcelo scored their second goal of the night after a good individual play inside the box, for the 2 1 victory.

It was the first defeat for the Mexicans under coach Jose Manuel de la Torre’s order in 15 games, while for his Brazilian colleague ‘Mano’ Meneses it was his tenth victory with the ‘Canarinha’ in 18 games.

Brazil showed pride to overcome adversity, which left ‘Mano’ very happy for that “indignation” he saw reflected on his players when they found themselves down by one in the score, and then again when Alves was sent off with a red card. And Brazil also showed some luck to win this game, because if Jefferson wouldn’t have blocked Guardado’s penalty kick, picking up a 2 goal deficit against Mexico on the road would have been improbable.

That missed penalty gave them a boost to win the game, and post match Neymar confirmed it: “after the penalty blocked by Jefferson, I said in the locker room that we were going to win anyway.”

FIFA World Cup Street Art Image Showing Hungry Brazil Child Served Football Goes Viral

FIFA World Cup Street Art Image Showing Hungry Brazil Child Served Football Goes Viral

A street artist from Brazil has attempted to capture the paradox ofhosting one of the most expensive sports tournaments in the world anddealing with grave problems the country suffers on a daily basis. Heconverted the anguish of many of his countrymen into street art. Now hissketch of a hungry child served a football on the platter One of the disks in a hard disk drive. Each platter provides a top and bottom recording surface. There may be only one or several platters in a drive with each platter having its own pair of read/write heads. See magnetic disk. has gone viralas the image is being shared by thousands of people all over the world.Paulo Ito painted a mural muralPainting applied to and made integral with the surface of a wall or ceiling. Its roots can be found in the universal desire that led prehistoric peoples to create cave paintings desire to decorate their surroundings and express their ideas and beliefs. on the doors of a school in Sao Paulo earlierin May 2014.Ito said that he wanted the world to know about their situation.”The truth is there is so much wrong in Brazil that it is difficultto know where to start,” the street artist toldof the striking image. “I didn’t mean [to say] nobody is doinganything against poverty. But we need to show the world or ourselvesthat the situation is still not good.” The Facebook post sharingstreet art has already been liked and shared for more than 42,000 times.[dis + gruntle, to grumble (from Middle English gruntelen; see Brazilian citizens in several cities across the LatinAmerican country have gone out to the streets to voice their protestagainst that billions of dollars that the Brazilian government isspending on the 2014 FIFA FIFA International Association Football Federation [French Fdration Internationale de Football Association]FIFA n abbr (= Fdration Internationale de Football Association) FIFA f World Cup.”major national issue” while “public services Public services is a term usually used to mean services provided by government to its citizens, either directly (through the public sector) or by financing private provision of services. remain

Adebayor is the key to Neymar’s transfer

Adebayor is the key to Neymar’s transfer

Santos agrees to sell their rising star to Real Madrid as long as they can keep him at least until January.

In the race fto sign Brazil’s new rising star Neymar, the best positioned of the big European clubs is Real Madrid, not only because they can afford a 45 million transfer and have a good relationship with his team, Santos, but specially because the 19 year old striker has already expressed that it is his desire to play for the Whites.

Neymar’s future continues being discussed by Real Madrid and Santos, and the most recent of these talks took place in Paris this week in Paris, where the clubs presidents Florentino Perez and Luis Alvaro de Oliveira respectively tried to bring their postures closer.

With a buyout fee of 45 million that is not real big issue in the negotiations, the real problem of the transfer lays in when would Real Madrid get Neymar once they close the deal. While Perez aims to count with him immediately, de Oliveira wants to keep him until next summer or at least January, so that he gets to dispute the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup at Japan.

For Real Madrid’s coach Jose Mourinho it is not an issue to cancel the 45 million fee now and wait for Neymar until January, as long as he gets Emmanuel Adebayor this summer. Mourinho already expressed that his roster needs one more forward to have all of his requests fulfilled, and the fact that Adebayor played the second half of the past season on loan with the Whites makes him the perfect candidate while they wait on Neymar.

Adebayor is under contract with Manchester City, but is not part of coach Roberto Mancini’s plans, therefore he is looking for an exit, and Real Madrid is his number one option. It was that bad relationship with Mancini that brought Adebayor on loan to Madrid last season. With the loan expired he had to return to London, where he refused to take part of the Citizens preseason demanding an exit.

Confident in the will of Neymar and his family to stay one more year in Brazil, Santos has no rush to transfer their rising star. If he keeps on performing like he has there aren’t reason to believe that his price will drop neither, therefore if Real Madrid really wants the player they will have to be compliant with the Brazilian club.

It is impossible to talk about this story and not bring Robinho’s name up, who as a youngster was called to be what is now expected from Neymar: the best Brazilian player since Pele. In July 2005 the Whites agreed to pay Santos 24 million for Robinho, who after three seasons in Spain didn’t meet the expectations and ended up transferred to Manchester City in September 2008.

Despite that experience with Robinho, Real Madrid is willing to run the same risk again and spend an important amount of money in a player that has a lot of conditions to impose his style, but maybe not as many to be considered the new Pele. Time will tell.