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FIFA Group E World Cup Results

FIFA Group E World Cup Results

Japan managed to defeat Denmark 3 1 in each team’s third match of group play to ensure passage into the round of 16 at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In a tightly referred game that featured many yellow cards Japan achieved the victory behind two beautiful goals off of direct free kicks.

The win for Japan makes them the second place finisher in Group E. The first goal from Japan was an outstanding shot from Kaisuke Honda that faded from right to left just around the outstretched fingers of the Danish goalkeeper. The second goal was the result of an equally impressive strike that curled just inside the right side of the goal. Denmark’s lone goal came on the rebound of a penalty kick that was called after a terrific flop deceived the referee into calling a penalty.

In the other game group leader The Netherlands defeated Cameroon 1 0 to ensure that they would win the group and send Cameroon home with a disappointing zero points.

The Netherlands finished group place with nine points, Japan with six, Demark with three, and Cameroon with zero. Group E is the first group to complete play with no draws in its matches.