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Travel information for 2010 FIFA World Cup host cities in South Africa

Travel information for 2010 FIFA World Cup host cities in South Africa

The 2010 World Cup will take place in South Africa in nine host cities in a total of 10 stadiums. Find out how to get to each World Cup stadium city, where to stay, what to do (besides watching football) and what matches will be played by clicking on the images and links below. 2010 World Cup host cities include Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Rustenburg, and Polokwane (Pietersburg). With over 1 million visitors expected to arrive in South Africa it’s not too early to plan your trip. World Cup Tour information can be found here. More South Africa 2010 World Cup information. Note: in the year 2000 some of South Africa’s cities changed their names, so for example Pretoria is now officially known as Tshwane. I’ve included both names but as a visitor you’ll find the old names are much more familiar to most South Africans and are still commonly used.

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FIFA World CUP Soccer 2010 South African Dream Come True For Football 2010

FIFA World CUP Soccer 2010 South African Dream Come True For Football 2010

As a child I never ever dreamt that I would be alive to witness FIFA setting up shop in South Africa. Yes, so much is still wrong in this fledgling democracy. Yes, crime and political squabbles still abound. However can we just for the sake of this World Cup event be civil? Can we for this month put our differences of race religion, gender, political affiliation and ideology aside? We can unite because rugby is not a “whites only” sport and soccer is not a “blacks only” sport! Soccer is putting the final death knell to the products and designs of the group areas act. Who would have thought that the Bulls would play rugby in Soweto and that soccer would be played at Loftus? Even the angels are surprised.

The world has a laser focus on South Africa and the African continent. Many, many people have finally taken the plunge. They have put their money where the mouth is and they have been digging deep into their pockets and now they are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Rustenberg. They are our guests and we should help to ensure their safety.

It is the solemn and joyous duty of every South African to make sure that our half million visitors are having a great time. Greet them on the buses. Men, tip your hats to the ladies. Ladies smile. Give up your seat for the elderly. Just relax. This is no time for road rage. This is no time to be rude. Our cordiality and hospitality should match the beauty of our country.

This indeed is our time, use it don’t abuse it. If you have an issue with President Zuma, now is not the time. If Mr. Malema gets under your skin, just let it slide. You have guests. Put your best foot forward. Zille, and Lekota please do not hang our dirty linen on the World Cup 2010 line.

Don’t you realize that this is the time to finally show that Africans are not idiots? This is the time to show off our soccer skills, not to show of our anti social skills.

What a great day for former president Mandela. What a great day for you and me. What a great day for our children. South Africa, Africa will never be the same again. World Cup 2010 is spawning the authentic African renaissance. World Cup 2010 brings hope that things will change. World Cup 2010 will unite the world.

I sincerely hope and pray that every South African will be vigilant. Please have a security mindset. No more robberies. No more robbing of sweet journalists. These journalists hold a pen that can write a smart or nasty story about South Africa and their countrymen and women will believe them because they were here.

No more worries, no more fears. World Cup 2010 proves that sport is the greatest unifying force. When all is said and done on July 11 th , our guest will go home raving about South Africa. We will be glad that we will finally have our streets back to ourselves and we will cherish the golden trophy that we won because of our skills. Bafana, Bafana will capture the trophy on the field and we will capture the hearts and minds of our visitors, off the field.

I wish every player, spectator and visitor a memorable stay in the land of my birth, South Africa. Proud to be South Africa not because of what is happening but in spite of what has happened.