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Touchdowns envoy Chen Weiting: because of different olors, the achievements of their own better

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“As a NFL fans and loved by young people all-around artist, Chen Weiting both popularity and strength, he showed the attitude of life, the art of insistence and professionalism, with the NFL brand connotation highly fit.” NFL China District General Manager Yang Ruiqi said.

From the 18-year-old debut in one fell swoop will win the best new awards to ten years of the road of untouchability dilemma, and then to the night burst of red national brothers, thirteen years of the arts from the road, is not smooth sailing. Waiting, anxious, tempered, low, all hard I am afraid only their most clear. In the face of the acting career for more than a decade of long waiting and precipitation, he said: “You will never know when the opportunity comes, you have to do this, always ready to keep passion.” Remember, NFL Legendary player Tom Brady was neglected because he was too thin, lacking in strength, avoiding shocks, relied on overall tactics, lack of on-the-spot creativity, and so on. Until after 532 days of waiting and persist, only to get the opportunity to start appearances. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
At that time no one can foresee, he can become the history of the NFL Super Bowl touchdowns the most quarterback, and is the largest number of super quarterback quarterback. And Chen Weiting in a few years after the self-precipitation, it finally ushered in his debut album. Tough, hardworking, active, hard, NFL DNA seems to have been in the blood of Chen Weiting Pentium.

The fact is true, January 31, 1993, King Michael Jackson boarded the 27th Super Bowl midfield show stage, it is 24 years ago this show firm Chen Weiting become the artist’s heart. At that moment, there seems to be a restless voice to tell him: “Now, like MJ shine.” Now, he is away from his idol and a step closer to the beginning of the dream where the beginning, NFL the most heavyweight game – – Super Bowl. From a silent look at the idol fans in the Super Bowl performances, to be invited by the organizers to serve as ambassador, Chen Weiting is the fans on the most inspirational model!

Whether it is on their own style of music adhere to, or in the dress on the aesthetic, Chen Weiting always adhere to their own personality. This and the likes of American football fans have the same characteristics – do not follow the crowd, has its own unique taste, the pursuit of high quality of life. Up to 11 years of silence, in exchange for today’s popularity. This long insistence, but also coincides with the NFL’s sports spirit. 1993 Super Bowl on the midfield show MJ’s performance ignited Chen Weiting’s dream, more than a decade the spirit of the NFL has been encouraging him to adhere to their own choice, always reminded him: only insist on the dream, “ol” in Different, to write their own unique extraordinary life.
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