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According to the construction of the building construction

Located in the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, 117 completed the main structure of the building has been capped. 117 after the completion of the building structure Tianjin height of 596.5 meters, second only to the world’s second tallest building structure buy GW2 Gold , China’s tallest building under construction structure.
    Prior to China’s tallest building is the Shanghai Tower,rs Gold the main building of 118 floors with a total height of 632 meters, structural height of 580 meters.
    It is reported that Tianjin Central 117 building built in the third building, since the building has 117 floors floor named. According to the construction of the building construction of three prescription Bureau, Tianjin is China building 117 high-rise buildings, the structural height of the tallest buildings.
    The so-called “structural height” is not included in the building appendages such as antennas, steel, tower crown, etc., the height of the house entirely. In addition to the creation of a record height,Tibia Gold the 117 Building, as well as 10 of the world’s best and most of China.
    For example, the world’s tallest building will be set at the Tourist Office on the mezzanine floor of 116 and a height of 579 meters. This broke the Shanghai World Financial Center in 2009 created 474 meters,eso gold “the world’s highest observation deck” Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s highest observation deck.
    115 layers, 564 m area has a luxurious swimming pool, also will create a new world record, becoming the world’s tallest indoor pool.
    Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Li Chien Chun 117 building project description, building equipped with international standard Grade A office buildings and six-star hotel, Grade A office tenants and customers to target multinational and international companies. 94 layers to 104 layers of six-star hotel construction standards will be introduced in Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel.
    WASHINGTON According to reports, Tianjin 117 buildings designed by Palmer & Turner, chairman and chief architect Lihua Wu, program use of the “Book of Changes” wisdom, also blend “negative yin yang” concept.
    “Book of Changes” odd as positive, even as a Tera Gold “Book of Changes” that the sun is full of vitality and creativity, the number 7 is “Shaoyang” so building and the number “7” bonds, 597 meters and 117 layers and layers height design arises.
    It is understood that 117 fully renovated building will enter the main stage, it is expected to put into use by the end of 2016.
    Construction Third Bureau data show that,fifa coins at present, China has built or capped high-rise building of 3103, which ranked first in the world.

more selling opportunities for music hardware

As a heavyweight player of Chinese digital music coming, Ali music a lot of action this year. After the recruitment and Song Ke Gao Xiaosong joined, there are rumors that next will try Ali music software and hardware integration, the introduction of customized music hardware. This attempt by Ali in every 2013 is responsible for the acquisition of sounds – music in everyday sounds and shrimp after the acquisition of Ali, officially merged to form this year Ali music.

Everyday sounds in the headphones last year it launched a product called “T1”, the flagship of “good quality”, take double moving coil design, can be combined with the everyday sounds of digital content,GW2.html playback software, such as the built-in sound curve App automatically T1 headset to compensate. The price of 199 yuan headset. However, every company wants to do the hardware, the first generation of products are only Pathfinder stone, such as Kindle, hammer, mobile phones and other products, to move towards the new post often depends on the upgrade of the general public, everyday sounds of this year will launch a The new headset, we must undertake this task.

From the leaked screenshots of the new version of the App, everyday sounds will increase “Headset zone” main menu, providing hardware and software products bound, after binding, the user can get more value-added benefits. Judging from the screenshot, headphones zone provides “exclusive Equalizer”, “taste test”, “exclusive wallpaper” and other entrance.tibia.html “Exclusive Equalizer” text below is exclusively dedicated T1 Pro tuning. This means that the new headset should be T1 Pro. App binding direction and at least should have: an exclusive high-quality content, exclusive of the equalizer, after taste tests of music recommendations, as well as customized player theme.

In addition to the software in conjunction with the sounds every day, T1 Pro hardware and marketing may have the following strategies: 1, color values ​​to win, it is to use the Beats of play to take the fashion line method; 2, hire top tuner, headphone, stereo other music hardware ultimate strength is determined by the tuner, T1 Pro can hire heavyweight tuner; 3, customized brand cooperation with the star, such as Wang Feng to do a headset, music appeal is still there, Ali Music no shortage of music resources.
Therefore, Ali make music intelligent hardware, T1 Pro Ye intelligent speakers, or after the player, can integrate with Ali intelligence resources. Taobao all the chips, we need to open up the system and YunOS system, Lynx and import Taobao resources, so there is more selling opportunities for music hardware, which in turn can promote the use of hardware buyers everyday sounds and other player software. If you later have to spend money to buy digital music, users can even go to Taobao to buy a song. About music software, hardware, channels and content of these resources can circulate.

Apple subvert recorded music industry is relying on Integration: with the record company into the business model, paid music download, iTunes music management tool and iPod music players, giving users a near-perfect music experience, the record company and Apple both earn bowl full of pots full. China has failed to appear in such a thorough consolidator, but the future of music will move towards integration model, which can lead to better music experience. Ali wanted to do this music integrator. Ali good at integration of industrial chain, to invite Gao Xiaosong and other big names to join the festival, everyday sounds player headphones …… introduced hardware and software has been gradually buried a foreshadowing.

Cheap Cabal II Alz fast tour industry may be enough

Use “should” Cheap Cabal II Alz fast now hand tour industry may be enough. “Earlier this year, and some practitioners exchange, everyone has a point: the quantity of game Cheap Cabal II Alz fast this year there is no so much last year.” Mobile business group of nine Lin Yongsong swim President ali told China business news reporter in an interview.
One important Cheap Cabal II Alz fast is that the previous year to the capital market more fire last year, some games a startup is lower, a lot of entrepreneurial teams started to Cheap Cabal II Alz fast hand tour. But in the second half of last year, Cheap Cabal II Alz fast the capital market has cooled. “By the end of last year, many developers have no longer develop games.”
This year, Cheap Cabal II Alz fast, although at a reduced number of game developers launched hand swim amount is double than the same period last year, and the whole hand swim in Cheap Cabal II Alz fast quality, “which means that the developers investment is higher, the pressure increases. In general, hand pattern of tourism industry is Cheap Cabal II Alz fast change.” Lin Yongsong said, cheapest guild wars 2 gold the future research and development, distribution, platform between the three roles will be more and more cross-border fusion, publisher of if still stay on the platform, then, may soon be eliminated by the market.