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FIFA’s 2022 World Cup decision

FIFA’s 2022 World Cup decision

I understand the appeal of holding a WC in the Mid East for the first time, however, if logic prevails (far from a sure thing) the Qatar bid should not go through because:

1) The average high is 115 degrees in July.

4) No drinking in public (though they’ll have some limited exceptions for the WC). The WC has always been, among other things, a giant public booze fest. I just keep thinking, though, that the main thing that’ll drive the result is not how much money FIFA in general will make, but how much money/stuff will end up in the pockets of the individual voting Executive Committee members, right now and when the Cup takes place. and Qatar seems to be playing the game very well, showing that money definitely talks in this process. but most of the Exco members come from countries with plenty of stadia and of those that don’t, Jack Warner is one that will definitely be picking the US. other Exco countries that might benefit are Cameroon, Nigeria, Cyprus, Cote D’Ivoire. Maybe Thailand, Guatemala and Cyprus (if Thailand gets unsuspended)? can they all be guaranteed a stadium? seems unlikely.

to PrinceBuster21’s list add China possibly wanting 2026 or 2030 which would be impossible if anyone but the US wins 2022. Blatter is very concious of the “legacy” issue, and makes no bones about the fact that his greatest achievements to date have been getting WC’s to Asia and Africa. This gives him a pretty fair bit of clout with functionaries from those areas. Given his desire to “make football accessible to all people”, I can easily see him pushing the Qatari bid as a festival of peace, unity and football, or some BS like that. That makes Qatar a serious threat to the US bid.