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Final Fantasy XIV Maintenance in All Services

Based on the news of yesterday from the official website of Final Fantasy XIV, all worlds Maintenance of FFXIV have started Jun. 29, 2015 11:00 p.m. and

is going to ended on Jun. 30, 2015 3:00 a.m. . This time the longtime maintenance accompany Patch 3.0 Hotfixes. That is to say, in the time of Jun. 29, 2015

11:00 p.m. to Jun. 30, 2015 3:00 a.m., all the Final Fantasy XIV will be unavailable. During this time, the Fina Fantasy XIV Gil orders on cannot be delivered in time. ffxivgillive team will

try to back to delivery as soon as the Maintenance unlock. So if players want, they still can buy FFXIV

Gil on our website but please be patient to wait for FFXIV back up.

What need to be specifically mentioned is that the World Transfer Service will be suspended 15 minutes before the maintenance, and will be unavailable until

maintenance has ended.

Please be advised that you will be unable to make reservations for Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding from the time maintenance ends until Jul. 3, 2015 2:00 a.m..

Also sorry to inform the players that well planned for buying Final Fantasy Gil for sale online. Every time, will try the best to delivery

when they got the news of maintenance and will priority for the buyers who is going to experience the upcoming maintenance of game. buing cheap FFXIV

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Discussing the Quests in Final Fantasy XIV

The gamers of FFXIV need to accumulate the in-game currency of Final Fantasy XIV , that is ;Final Fantasy Gil. To alleviate the dire need of FF14 Gil, the gamers can opt to FFXI Gil from the professional online gaming house, in the most affordable cost to overcome the hurdles of grinding Gil initially.

The main scenario quests indicate that the vital quests used to narrate the story of Eorzea. Her individuals are known as the main scenario quests. These tasks are simply distinguishable between the others by their distinct icon. There are great alterations in the periods; the lone individuals have the potential to persuade the course of history. If there is the given option, how is to select to act?

When there are some tasks that are not realm-shaking significance by finishing one of these duties, the gamer can make a profound diversification in the life of an Eorzea. There is the introduction of class or job quests. The gamer would face the confrontations that need the gamer to employ the distinct talents of the gamer. It is to finish these trials to sharpen the skills of the gamer and procure the new abilities in your selected profession. FFXI Gil from your nearest online gaming house,

The dwellers of Eorzea introduced the missions known as the quests. The players can finish the quests to gain the development of the saga, experience, Gil, items along with the other unlocks. To the side from the daily quests, each quest can only be finished on one occasion per character. The major scenario quests comprise the quests that are from the major storyline of A Realm Reborn. These quests not only have the cut-scenes and voice acting. However, it is to unlock the vital aspects of the game. The players release the airship at the level of fifteen, personal Chocobo along with the Grand Company at the level of twenty. There is the ability of jobs at the level of thirty via the development of the major questline. Cheap FFXIV Gil is available at the online gaming house,

The major scenario quests have the flaming-shaped signs that display over the map in the journal and at the top of the head of quest NPC. The major scenario quests each commences with their own branching for each beginning of the city. However, finally it converges into the quest line after choosing a Grand Company. The beginning quests for each city are arriving in Grindania, arriving at Limsa Lominsa, and arriving to Ul’dah. Visiting online gaming house, helps you find Final Fantasy XIV Gil to level up the characters in the faster succession in comparable to the other gamers. There are two kinds of major scenario quests. One of them is 7th Umrbal Era Quest. It is between the level one and fifty as the story quests launched in patch 2.0. These quests are concluded in The Ultimate Weapon. The introduction of seventh Astral Era Quest is between the level fifty quests that kept continuing the saga via patch 2.1 and 2.5.