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Becoming Harder – FIFA 16 Coins Selling

With the FIFA 16 web app being released early their is already plenty of websites buy fifa coins, however with EA releasing new security measures have we seen the end of cheap FUT coins?

New security measures

To now access the FUT web app you will have to had played FIFA 16 on your console for a couple of days before being able to start trading on the web app. This was done in order to stop people making bots that can instantly buy up any player who is being sold for too cheap.

Another way to try and lower the amount of coins being sold was separating the markets, now PS3 and PS4 markets are separate and the same applies for the Xbox one and the 360. EA did this as they know that the long standing coin glitch was mastered on the old gen consoles meaning that coins on the newer consoles will be a lot harder to get your hands on.

However EA will never truly be able to stop fifa 16 coins store selling, their only hope is to make it as hard as possible for people to create illegitimate coins to then sell on at a low price. Players will always want an easy way to get an advantage over others but with these new updates it looks like they are going to have to pay a lot for it.

FIFA 15: Team of the Week 11

EA Sports has released Fifa 15 Coins the list of players who made it to the FIFA 15 Team of the Week 11. Every week, the FIFA Ultimate Team rates the players from around the world on the basis of their club or national team performances and you can challenge this group of players in FUT.
Argentine superstar Lionel Messi leads the pack this week after breaking two records in the space of four days. He first became the all time leading goalscorer in the Spanish league courtesy of a hat-trick against Sevilla on Saturday and then on Tuesday he went on to score another hat-trick which took him past Raul to become the leading goal scorer in the history of the UEFA Champions League, all at the age of just 27.

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