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World Cup Must be Wuwu Zula by Christina Xia at iSnare Articles

World Cup Must be Wuwu Zula by Christina Xia at iSnare Articles

This year, South African gold corn in China has been a full 15 years, he founded the “units” in English blog as an interactive way to introduce China to the world, as English language media overseas, an important channel for China, one of observation.

To China, by the enthusiastic Chinese fans infection, he began to watch the World Cup, has become half the fans. He is curious that China did not stop the deterioration of football fans love football in China.

Since the opening of 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Golden Corn shuttle to Australia, Beijing and South Africa between. The whining humming Zula, he experiences the heat of the football bold. After the start, many people whining noise that sent a huge issue Zula protest against South Africa and even asked FIFA fans field goal with whining Zoula. “Very thing these people had.” Golden Corn obviously do not agree. “World Cup held in South Africa, we must respect the local traditions.” King Corn says.

This plastic is now whining Zula after year 2000 should be popular in South Africa. You can also call it globalization, some side effects, so whining Zula in China more expensive, people are ever to play much.

Sometimes people like to trouble South Africa’s special atmosphere, in a similar situation like the match blowing whining Zula became chic. It is popular for many years past, should be metal, and blowing people should not so much. I was a kid growing up in Johannesburg, who do not remember blowing around whining Zula. Previously, white South Africans do not watch local football. Because of apartheid, sports are separate. At that time, black South African football has been love, but I grew up in the white area. When we play football school, but to play football on a secondary school. Match time school cheerleader who has nothing to blow this stuff.

Previous whining Zula in my mind is a kind of musical instrument sounds very crisp, looks like a trash can lid is done, there is one above the wood, at that time, it does not call this whining Zula Name. When I was young, there is no plastic whining Zoula, but it was blowing the horn of metal (or buy their own doing), there were metal with a wooden stick in the trash lid. That is, until there are hum Zula, the South African people have always like to use special means to give vent to match downtown stimulus.

I now have a half Chinese, and in 1995 came to China. In 2001 I returned to South Africa to a stadium with my Dad, you see people playing whining Zula. I own the first blow in the last year, that is when I am back to South Africa in a national body responsible for promoting the office to see the whining Zula, get up and blown about. Its sound is with the large, frightened me, but it does really fun. Especially in the games they like to use it to help out the team, it should be quite enjoyable.

Vuvuzela should Zulu, South Africa, a dozen official languages, Zulu is the most speak English outside, many South African blacks do not speak English, but said Zulu, South Africa has a lot of English vocabulary comes from Zulu language, Vuvuzela is one of them. Zela means “trouble” means, bustling, noisy. Vuvu is onomatopoeia, that is, the sound of analog hum Zula.

Hum Zula in South Africa is very cheap, less 20 rand, together yuan is 20 dollars.

World Cup, since some countries issued Zula fans whining noise protest, want to ban it. I think it is “very thing” the. Europe, South America has a trumpet soccer match, the noise is not small, South American countries such as Brazil and even the traditional Zula similar hum, but no one has protested. The protest whining Zula are mostly Europeans, even the Americans do not watch football out of trouble, and that would fix. World Cup in Africa do, you have to respect local traditions.

Chinese media advocates protest the little whining Zula other hand, in the world, whining Zula became a popular, now, have not only the South African had people everywhere selling whining Zula, I heard China, Taobao, said, many people have been sold. Apple’s online store launched a whining Zula of iPhone and iPad Edition, hundreds of people to download. In fact, just to busy, tell the truth, I tired of hearing how people say how bad whining Zula, especially what to ban protests whining Zula, I think FIFA should not ban it.

If the noise it would cause harm, then you have to do my data contrast with reports that it sounds almost 127 decibels, then the game field in Europe and South America, blow, the noise is the be? Really will be the human body so much harm? I think it must have a scientific basis Caixing.

The television, the whining Zula humming, I think television can be handled according to local circumstances, there was a TV in France is not the whining Zula let technicians TV signal in the noise from the separation of the me ? It is said that much of the audience recognition, while some have written to protest: there is no hum, it was football or the World Cup?

I started watching the World Cup in China later this year, I support South Africa’s World Cup team and the Korean team. South African Needless to say, my home, they did it very well was a little disappointed, but there are other good teams in Africa, I would support them. The support of the Korean team, the idea is very simple, the British have a book called “mouse roar strange tale” (The Mouse That Roared), that is a special small countries may be very strong burst of strength, this is my team on North Korea expect, they played well and Brazil, and Portugal that field was a bit sad.

During the World Cup finals, I will go to the scene to see several of them match, that time I will hold whining Zula go, I want those too thing, and protest against the hum of them said Zula, the South African World Cup not no whining Zula, I do not want it to be banned. Because this is our tradition. If you’re tired of hum Zula, you can not come. The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.