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FIFA15 lost live football: IGN score low 0.1

FIFA 15 Demo Downloads currently has more than 5.5 million times, EA official subsequently fifa 15 coins also expressed confidence in the performance of new works, but in the eyes of the media evaluation, prospect generation FIFA does not seem so optimistic.

IGN editors to FIFA 15 today poured cold water only gives 8.3 rating, which is not only a record low of recent generations of the family works, but first time in years behind competitors live football, the latest of the latter Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 works score of 8.4.

IGN think FIFA 15 is still one of the best sports games, but the AI is bad evaluation of the impact of the game, but has now come out in the major media score.

It should be noted that fifa-coin the media’s score is only a reference, usually does not cause the game itself will have a decisive impact on the sales of what I believe the effects of past years by virtue of publicity brand foundation and EA, FIFA 15 will still be successful in the long-term suppressed state of live football series is to regain a bureau in the face.

Suarez in FIFA 15 really is also banned

Suarez bite but because the players were suspended FIFA, FIFA 15 is interesting in order to pursue true in the game also put Suarez to be disabled.

It is understood, FIFA 15 in order to pursue real effect in the game Suarez disabled because FIFA Suarez was suspended due to bite, so to play I do not know, “Su teeth” to see think. Players said this set is very interesting, but less of a candidate does not have much impact.

But the players do not have to worry about fifa 15 coins ps4 this Suarez missed FIFA 15, the official said after the lifting of the ban while Suarez month, he will appear again in the game. Also to note is that Suarez only just in networking mode, stand-alone game mode can still be used.

It is understood, FIFA 15PC version will use the new Ignite engine to obtain and PS4, Xbox One version of the same game experience. This has landed for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One that several major gaming platform.

In fact this is not the game for the first time disabled players, some time ago Madden NFL 15 Ray Rice also announced that it will ban, because he really was suspended in the real world.