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through the completion fifa 18 coins of this acquisition

LETV said, through the completion of this fifa 18 coins, the quality assets into the listed system at the same time, to solve the debt problems of accounts receivable fifa 18 coins be listed the company and related parties. Non financial assets or business investment, and will later LETV LETV investment split. At present, Jia Yueting is also speeding up the fifa 18 coins of its non car assets, in addition to music The whereabouts of the financial has been settled, the sale of music as sports are also talks. As the holding cheap fifa coins accept the fifa 18 coins Daily “interview with reporters, Jia Yueting recently in Hongkong, two places in the United States in addition to the car running, nhl 18 coins will discuss financing issues, as fifa 18 coins of its fixed assets, negotiate acquisitions with the intention of the parties. The acquisition of equity assets as financial assets to solve the accounts receivable in LETV LETV fifa 18 coins into the financial subsidiary of music to new news after a week,