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Thomas is expected to be on Saturday with the Bulls after the sixth match back

Beijing time on April 29, according to ESPN reported that the Celtics headed by Isaiah – Thomas is expected to be on nba mt points with the Bulls after the sixth match back home to participate in the funeral of her sister in Little Thomas’ s sister, Hina – Thomas, was killed on April 15 in a car accident. Family and friends have held a farewell ceremony on Friday, while the small Thomas with the team to Chicago to participate in the war. The Celtics are currently 3-2 leading bulls, and they have the opportunity to end this series today.

If the Green Army and the Bulls need to grab seven war, start time will be next Monday. And if the Green Army Bulls and cheap mt points Wizards Eagles series at the same time to win the outcome, then the second round of the start time is also on next Monday. Green Army coach Brad – Stevens had previously said that if the allowed, he was willing to give players the opportunity to accompany a small Thomas to attend the funeral. It is said that the Celtics will also send representatives to attend the funeral. Little Thomas had asked journalists not to ask any questions about his sister at the conference, but he said he was still saddened by the passing of his sister.