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A Preview Of The Facebook Game EA Sports FIFA Superstars

A Preview Of The Facebook Game EA Sports FIFA Superstars

Release Date: Available now

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa only two weeks away, Playfish has released its first collaboration with EA Sports, EA Sports FIFA Superstars. The Facebook game lets players slowly build up a team of real world soccer stars and take on some of the most famous clubs in the world. It’s light on action, as you don’t actually play any games, but instead focuses on the process of developing the best possible team.

You start out by naming your new club, which consists of a pre selected number of real world players. From there the game gives you a number of different things to do. Chief among them, of course, is actually playing games. In FIFA Superstars you don’t get to participate in the action, though you do have the option of watching if you want. When you enter a match you’ll be treated to a slick, animated cut scene that shows the highlights of the game. These look great, but can get repetitive since you’ll be playing so many games. Thankfully, you have the option to skip them all together.

The outcome of each match is determined solely by stats: the better your team, the higher your chances of winning are. Currently, there are three different types of matches you can play in. There are league matches, which let you move up taking on increasingly more talented clubs, as well as friendly matches, where you can play against any of your Facebook friends who are also playing the game. You can even take on the best of the English Premier League, though it’ll be a while before your team is good enough to square off against the likes of Liverpool or Manchester United. There’s also an option to play in the 2010 World Cup, which is listed as “coming soon.”

Winning matches not only lets you move up to higher tier leagues, but also nets you both experience and coins. Coins can be used to improve your club by purchasing additional players. You buy new players in groups, and there are three different talent levels gold, silver, and bronze with the better players costing more money. You can also use money earned to improve your stadium and renew your coach’s contract.

In addition to buying new players, you can also improve your club through training. There are several different training exercises you can do, each of which takes a certain amount of time to complete. The longer it takes, the better the rewards. There’s also an option to trade players, but this is currently available.

The game limits the amount you can play each day with a match credit system. You earn these credits over time, and they’re necessary for playing games. It takes a few hours to earn new ones, ensuring that you’ll have to keep coming back if you want to play. You can also earn credits via gifts from friends or by purchasing additional ones.

Really, FIFA Superstars is much more about managing a soccer team than it is actually playing soccer. Thankfully, this makes the game a great fit for Facebook. With numerous aspects to manage, there’s plenty to do, and the game does a great job of making the process simple, even if you aren’t a fan of the beautiful game. Expect a full review when more of the features, most notably the ability to play actual World Cup matches, are eventually rolled out.



Football, or soccer as the Americans call it, is the most famous sport in the whole world. It is the most played sport internationally, with over 3 billion fans from America to Asia. Manchester United, a British football team, is the biggest sport franchise in the world, its value amounting to almost $2 billion.

The biggest football event, FIFA World Cup, happens every four years. This sporting event is being joined by national men’s football teams from 32 different countries. The first FIFA event was held on 1930. The latest one was held in South Africa last 2010. This football event had been broadcast on 204 countries worldwide. The next FIFA World Cups are set to take place in Brazil in 2014, in Russia in 2018, and in Qatar in 2022. Brazil is one of the most famous teams; they have also played in every single FIFA event since the beginning.

The entire football field’s length measure 100 yards long and is 60 yards wide (measures 110 x 75 in meters). The field is divided at the middle by the midfield line.

The goal area is a box measuring 20 yards long and 6 yards wide inside the penalty area. Goal kicks should be placed inside this enclosed area centred on the goal.

The goal of a football field for a senior men’s league has the dimensions 24 feet width, standing at 8 feet high.

Located in the center of the football field is a 10 yard circle. At the beginning of the game, the defenders take positions out of this encircled portion.

The penalty area, or the ‘penalty box’, is a rectangular box, measuring 44 yards long and 18 yards wide, is located at the centre of the goals. If a foul has been committed along this area of the football field, a penalty kick may be given.

Located 12 yards from the end line, the penalty mark is found inside the penalty area where the penalty kicks are being made.

Located on four corners of the field, this quarter circle measuring 1 yard in radius marks the area where the player puts the ball before he can make a corner kick.