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the first small Thomas led the nba2kmt fired 7-0 start

The campaign up, the first small Thomas led the Celtics fired 7-0 start. However, after nearly 5 minutes later, the Celtics attack completely power off, small Thomas also because elbow Lopez eat T, the bulls more nba2kmt play a wave of 20-4 super offensive, Mi Luodiqi soared After three points, the Bulls lead by 20-11. Smarter and Bradley have been building success, to help the nba2kmt Army will be close to close to 5 points, but Milutic continent fiery hand soared in the third, the Bulls sent a wave of 7-0, the score rewritten into 27-15. At the end of this section, the Celtics feel warmer outside, and gradually will be close to the poor, Bradley soared in the first quarter after the first strike, the Green Army to 26-31 behind.

Sub-season back, the Celtics played a wave of 8-2 offensive, Smart across the nba coins buy fly tipped, the green army will go-ahead score 34-33. Potis soared in the third, Butler also pass the Wade to complete the dunk, the nba2kmt re-assembled to play a wave of 17-5 offensive, Rondo grabbed the rebounds, cross the field long pass, assists Butler layup, Bulls at this buy vc to 50-39 lead, Claude hit long shot, for the Celtics to stop bleeding, after the nba2kmt 2 minutes after the confrontation, halftime, the Bulls lead to 54-46.