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elaborated fifa 18 coins the Brazil government

elaborated the Brazil government for the economic recovery fifa 18 coins and achievements. The contents are as follows: Michel Temel a year and a half ago, I took office the fifa 18 coins of Brazil, Brazil is facing its worst economic crisis, this crisis had a profound social impact on countries. In the face of such challenges, I propose The transformation plan does not fifa 18 coins populist measures. The program includes structural reforms over the past 30 years the most widely, the fiscal balance, social responsibility and fifa coins cheap as the pillar. Today, fifa 18 coins program has achieved tangible results. Brazil’s economic recession situation was reversed, and the two consecutive quarter of growth. Analysts forecast 2017 GDP growth fifa 18 coins the 1%. inflation rate of about 10% in May 2016, but dropped to 2.54% in September 2017, below the inflation target. hut coins the real wage growth of more than 6%, the fifa 18 coins power is also increased.2016 in May the basic interest rate of 14.25%,