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Keep Original Side Car

For members of Bright Auto Club, the car is not just a vehicle. Cars have become a space of expression. They modify the car to get a fresh look. Even so, they still left hand so as not to eliminate the authenticity of the identity of the car.

Bayu Aji, 21, student at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pancasila pleaded not modify the overall car in 1986. “Maintaining the originality of old cars is pride in itself,” he said. According to the man who seeks to finance its own car given by his parents, there is a privilege when the old car sliding on protocol roads filled with cars final output. “If on the streets, new cars have a regular. If the old car is not unusual, “he said. Because, she holds an old car a new look old if the engine is not replaced.

Bayu, so he called claiming to cost about 10 million to modify his car aftermarket engine parts. This value is used to make the car more flat and replace the larger wheels. He said that the modification of the model is a modification of a growing trend to follow.

For the pockets of students, the cost of modifications to the car belonging to drain the pouch. However, he did not ask for money from their parents to finance his hobby. He obtained a revenue of other people’s cars sell well as selling watches. “All I kerjain, provided datengin money halal,” he said. Once the money is collected, it will come to the workshop subscriptions to dress the favorite car Air Suspension.

In contrast to Muhammad Zakaria, 19, Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts, Department of English, University of Jakarta, he chose to leave the money in his pocket to pay for car modification. From pocket money collected, he could menceperkan car and replace the sound system.

Zaka mengatu not too fond of cars whose voice boomed memekkan ear. “I just like the look of the outside only, not interested in cars whose voice tight. So the car just unsightly, “said he. To modify the car, it will cost around 7 million. On the other hand, he is not thought to change the car’s paint output of the 2003 deer. “The cost is expensive, approximately 16 million he said. Even so, he admitted that he was quite satisfied with the modified car Air Suspension Bag today. “If now it taste like liatan goods alone,” he said with a smile mengunlun. That is, the car will be ogled other drivers when strolling the streets of the protocol.