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Touchdowns envoy Chen Weiting: because of different olors, the achievements of their own better

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“As a NFL fans and loved by young people all-around artist, Chen Weiting both popularity and strength, he showed the attitude of life, the art of insistence and professionalism, with the NFL brand connotation highly fit.” NFL China District General Manager Yang Ruiqi said.

From the 18-year-old debut in one fell swoop will win the best new awards to ten years of the road of untouchability dilemma, and then to the night burst of red national brothers, thirteen years of the arts from the road, is not smooth sailing. Waiting, anxious, tempered, low, all hard I am afraid only their most clear. In the face of the acting career for more than a decade of long waiting and precipitation, he said: “You will never know when the opportunity comes, you have to do this, always ready to keep passion.” Remember, NFL Legendary player Tom Brady was neglected because he was too thin, lacking in strength, avoiding shocks, relied on overall tactics, lack of on-the-spot creativity, and so on. Until after 532 days of waiting and persist, only to get the opportunity to start appearances. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
At that time no one can foresee, he can become the history of the NFL Super Bowl touchdowns the most quarterback, and is the largest number of super quarterback quarterback. And Chen Weiting in a few years after the self-precipitation, it finally ushered in his debut album. Tough, hardworking, active, hard, NFL DNA seems to have been in the blood of Chen Weiting Pentium.

The fact is true, January 31, 1993, King Michael Jackson boarded the 27th Super Bowl midfield show stage, it is 24 years ago this show firm Chen Weiting become the artist’s heart. At that moment, there seems to be a restless voice to tell him: “Now, like MJ shine.” Now, he is away from his idol and a step closer to the beginning of the dream where the beginning, NFL the most heavyweight game – – Super Bowl. From a silent look at the idol fans in the Super Bowl performances, to be invited by the organizers to serve as ambassador, Chen Weiting is the fans on the most inspirational model!

Whether it is on their own style of music adhere to, or in the dress on the aesthetic, Chen Weiting always adhere to their own personality. This and the likes of American football fans have the same characteristics – do not follow the crowd, has its own unique taste, the pursuit of high quality of life. Up to 11 years of silence, in exchange for today’s popularity. This long insistence, but also coincides with the NFL’s sports spirit. 1993 Super Bowl on the midfield show MJ’s performance ignited Chen Weiting’s dream, more than a decade the spirit of the NFL has been encouraging him to adhere to their own choice, always reminded him: only insist on the dream, “ol” in Different, to write their own unique extraordinary life.
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Madden 18: It was a extended shot, but it succeeded

As the get started from the football season looms, the annual Madden arrives on store shelves. This year’s edition is a bit various though. Obviously the majority of what’s here would be the identical Madden fans are used to with roster updates, and in some cases the newer Ultimate Team mode. The huge addition, however, is really a story mode following QB Devin Wade as he tries to produce an NFL roster.

The story mode, titled Longshot, is a lot more than just some cutscenes shoved between common games. It’s comparable to the story mode in NBA 2K14 (and I assume newer entries) in that there are adventure game-like alternatives to create, but it really is much more in-depth than some dialogue possibilities among full games, and as a result is much improved.

Madden 18 (PS4 [reviewed], Xbox One)
Developer: EA Tiburon
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: August 25, 2017
MSRP: $59.99

Far more of a college fan than an NFL one, I spent year just after year diving into each NCAA Football release. I had played Madden here and there with friends, but that is the first entry I’ve sunk my teeth into, as a result I can’t compare to preceding entries.

The football is football. It feels much smoother than the older NCAA games. Holding down among the shoulder buttons as a cornerback to automatically comply with a receiver prior to making a play around the ball lastly makes me not so afraid to play in the secondary and get mut 18 coins burned.

As each a sports and games lover, it was fresh knowledge that felt like a quick two or three hours when in reality it lasted somewhere among five and seven hours. The majority of the performances are top-notch, except specific star player cameos who telephone it in. All of the characters are believable and act specifically as you would expect true folks to act, and they all have understandable motives.

The writing is totally superb and as an alternative to dumbing down the nitty gritty of football plays, formations, and strategies for wider audiences, they aim this at folks who know and adore football and test your information. Everybody likes to use the “By X, for X” cliche, but this mode definitely feels like it’s “By football lovers, for football lovers.” In case you have any interest in football, the game is worth picking up (or renting) just for this mode alone.

The majority of the Madden 18 encounter is specifically what you count on, however the twist would be the new exceptional Longshot mode that proves sports can be an avenue for video game storytelling. Turn off false get Madden Mobile Coins started, offensive holding, and immediate replay; raise catching capacity by way of the roof; and steer clear of the slimy Ultimate Team mode. Do that and you’ll possess a excellent time with Madden 18. Go Bucs!


Most players feel that Madden is at its most thrilling after they have the ball. Controlling the pace with the game and hurling touchdowns is really entertaining, but playing defense also presents one of a kind and awesome moments. Is there anything very as satisfying as picking off an opponent’s pass and operating it back for a touchdown? We think not. While it may not be as glamorous as offense, they say “defense wins championships.” In Madden NFL 18, because of much more realistic mechanics, playing defense has turn into much more intuitive. If you are struggling to choose plays, to defend the pass or the run, or simply want to limit the harm around the scoreboard, our Madden NFL 18 defense guide will help you quit your opponent in their tracks.

Just like on the offensive side from the ball, Madden’s defensive playbooks are ripped from their NFL counterparts. That implies there are 32 various sets of plays for 32 different teams. Defensive playbooks can hold up to 500 plays in Madden, but as opposed to offense, the common playbook does not get mut 18 coins close to that limit. Every group has among 275 to 300 plays on typical. These plays are spread across distinctive formations designed for different kinds of scenarios. Madden NFL 18 has ten formations, but most teams only use involving five and seven in their person playbooks. You could check out the playbooks for all teams in Madden 18 (or build your own) by heading over to “customize” inside the most important menu.

On first down, an offense is free to pass or run the ball. We’ve identified good results utilizing a zone blitz play on very first down protects against the run though placing pressure on the quarterback.

If you quit the offense on initial down, developing a second and long circumstance (5+ yards), we prefer to transition to pure zone coverage. When it’s attainable some Madden players will run on second and lengthy, in our practical experience, men and women typically can’t resist passing due to the threat of facing a third and long. Even when very first down doesn’t go so well, and it’s second and short (significantly less than three yards), we employ the exact same logic, as that’s a circumstance exactly where the offense usually takes a look downfield.

On third and extended, we like to either continue using pass-focused zone defense plays, or go for an all-out blitz. Placing a great deal of defensive backs on the field to guard against the inevitable pass play is the secure play, but putting intense pressure on the QB in a tense scenario like third and long is rarely a negative move. Again, on third and short we go for an all-out blitz play, sending five or man defenders towards the line (red arrows on the play indicate how a lot of defenders will rush the line).

Some Madden players go for it often on fourth down. It might be hard to tell whether or not a person is going to take the danger primarily based around the game alone. If it’s 4th and two or significantly less, as well as your opponent is around the 50 yard line, there is a possibility they might decide to go for Madden Mobile Coins. Should you know the individual you happen to be playing likes to take big dangers, you may cover against this by choosing a defensive package that crowds the line (much more on that within the formations section). If your opponent is showing punt in the line, you are able to either just let the punt land without fielding it, or you can run back together with your security to field the punt before the snap. This may set you up to defend your opponent must they choose to go for it. Precisely the same goes for your opponent going for it as opposed to kicking a field goal, only this time, there is no reason to run back a defender to field the play.