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Is expected to last 2 days, the Yangtze River, four water and water resources, buy mut coins river is still a strong precipitation process, national headquarters on 9 July the buy mut coins issued a notice again to continue to do water back embankment defensive work. The middle reaches of the Yangtze River in Luoshan Hankou section of the river water buy mut coins back to below the warning level.7 8 March 13, the Yangtze River in the HanKou Railway Station line 27.28 meters, fell below the warning level, 9, 15, has cheap madden mobile coins 27.05 meters, 0.25 buy mut coins lower than the warning level 0.68 meters, down.9 with peak water level 15, the water level of the Yangtze River Luoshan station 31.99 meters lower than the warning buy mut coins 0.01 meters, compared with Peak water level dropped by 1.24 buy mut coins. The Yangtze River lotus pond, Jiujiang, Datong, Chenglingji Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake Hukou buy mut coins level continued to fall, 9 days 15 when the water level was 32.91 meters, 20.90 meters, 14.76 meters, 33.16 meters, 20.53 meters, is still more than the warning level 0.41 buy mut coins, 0.90 meters, 0.36 meters, 0.66 meters, 1.03 m,