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between 9-10 championships europo I beg

“a career mode if you do it right with you season coaching the selection of your country”

“1.-quando players take the field k also coaches out later, also k all players would see on the bench for the quando

canvie coach to player k enters look like the coach benched him dijiera player i k i came out to warm it saw as heated. 2.-That in some

inportante out some amateur party i leave the safety catch, be cool also complain to the referee or players haveces k i peel is peeled

they take out red or separasen them i they were a little bleeding or something. 3.-That the actualizen boots each month at the game but not cool k by k are the

3 years ago quando an already taken the newest. 4.-That training k do just before and make it not match k k k chute entrenasen one but all with Rondos passes before ik but that game was more public real.” Fifa 15 Coins is coming soon! our facebook about FUT 15 Coins), you can
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“First They want more afreguen stadiums. Q I also want to add more Asian or American leagues and there are many Africas and q few European and Rest of

world. Call In “Kick Starting” After finishing a game does not allow you to switch teams and play with other teams you got to start from scratch wasting q

great time. Players in career mode by Dt develop his game. That way lies the races more and better awards show. example:

That end of season awards ceremony on finds a better “Dt” or better Archer. All this by a party averages and statistics. ”

“I say Nomas that add license Champions League and Europa League in the” Career Mode “or when you play with your custom player. Thank you.”

“put more game modes that let us do the boots put the coaches now there is not any representatives that can be changed or

dismiss the champions league the first year the teams who are classified to give more money to sign not to put expensive players and ran the virtual

pro is more realistic and if the amounts put cadiz cadiz Stadium porfa: D ”

“greatly improve graphics and coaching of a country and lead to global or euro and the Romanian Liga man is between 9-10 championships europa I beg”