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FIFA World Cup 2010 Racism In Soccer Victim of the Apartheid Era In South Africa

FIFA World Cup 2010 Racism In Soccer Victim of the Apartheid Era In South Africa

Bafana Bafana did their best but could not overcome the legacy of apartheid on the field against France today. Wow they had an open goalmouth begging to be fed on at least four occasions. Yes, they made history by beating France. France is ranked ninth and South Africa is ranked 83 rd in the FIFA/Coca Cola rankings. They won the game, lost the competition, and made history by being the first host team in 80 years to bow out in the first round. Let me put this history into perspective in order to explain and not excuse the bowing out of South Africa in the first round of the World Cup competition.

During the apartheid era soccer was a Cinderella sport in the political mindset of the day. Yes we had the National Football League for white teams. I remember with fondness the derbies between Cape Town City and Hellenic. My brother and I were avid Hellenic diehards. My cousin Lionel and maybe the rest of our town were Cape Town City supporters. They played at Hartleyvale and Green Point Stadium, respectively. Green Point Stadium of 2010 fame and glory is on the same site as the Green Point Stadium of old. I remember the annual Easter Monday game between arch rivals Hellenic and Highlands Park at Balfour Park. I remember the import of third league European players to come and play for the NFL teams, our “first league”.

The point that I am trying to make is that while the white NFL was flourishing no infrastructure was developed in the townships. Athlone Stadium arrived on the soccer scene in Cape Town very, very late. The birth of soccer as we know it today in South Africa was one of intense complications during labor and delivery. Many noble endeavors to kick start soccer were aborted or still born to say the least. Racism was at the core of this imbalance in the development of soccer in South Africa. How fitting that the mantra of this world cup is to end racism in sport.

Rugby was largely seen as the game that white people play and soccer was seen as the game black people play. The South African Rugby Football Union was not only well endowed, financially, but had world class sport stadiums even during the apartheid era. As youngsters we had to hone our soccer playing skills in the street at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic. The police was always on our case, disrupting our game and hitting us with batons. Even the local field where club soccer was played was fraught with hazards caused by a lack of maintenance. I worked in both Cape Town and Johannesburg and the soccer fields for people other than white in both provinces were a shame. You often sprained your ankle because you tramped on a big rock or you grazed your skin on the rock hard playing surfaces.

Did we expect that this apartheid ill will not have consequences? Soccer is still in its infancy in South Africa and yet the boys are doing great things. Most of them are first generation soccer players for the national team while other countries have third and fourth generation players. They even have coaches whose sons are playing for the national teams.

Sekunjalo! It is what it is. South Africa will get there. Soccer glory will become institutionalized in South Africa. Players will develop those skills, strategies and the spirit to win games and glory.



Football, or soccer as the Americans call it, is the most famous sport in the whole world. It is the most played sport internationally, with over 3 billion fans from America to Asia. Manchester United, a British football team, is the biggest sport franchise in the world, its value amounting to almost $2 billion.

The biggest football event, FIFA World Cup, happens every four years. This sporting event is being joined by national men’s football teams from 32 different countries. The first FIFA event was held on 1930. The latest one was held in South Africa last 2010. This football event had been broadcast on 204 countries worldwide. The next FIFA World Cups are set to take place in Brazil in 2014, in Russia in 2018, and in Qatar in 2022. Brazil is one of the most famous teams; they have also played in every single FIFA event since the beginning.

The entire football field’s length measure 100 yards long and is 60 yards wide (measures 110 x 75 in meters). The field is divided at the middle by the midfield line.

The goal area is a box measuring 20 yards long and 6 yards wide inside the penalty area. Goal kicks should be placed inside this enclosed area centred on the goal.

The goal of a football field for a senior men’s league has the dimensions 24 feet width, standing at 8 feet high.

Located in the center of the football field is a 10 yard circle. At the beginning of the game, the defenders take positions out of this encircled portion.

The penalty area, or the ‘penalty box’, is a rectangular box, measuring 44 yards long and 18 yards wide, is located at the centre of the goals. If a foul has been committed along this area of the football field, a penalty kick may be given.

Located 12 yards from the end line, the penalty mark is found inside the penalty area where the penalty kicks are being made.

Located on four corners of the field, this quarter circle measuring 1 yard in radius marks the area where the player puts the ball before he can make a corner kick.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Football Hottest Players

FIFA World Cup 2010 Football Hottest Players

FIFA 2010 Word Cup Sexiest Players The FIFA World Cup will kick off starting in June 2010 in South Africa. The final soccer game will end at the Johannesburg Stadium on

July 11, 2010. And as we are all eager to see who out of the 32 nations will win the games, I thought that this time around lets move on to more important stuff like which players are most deserving of your full attention. So here I have come up with some of the Sexiest and talented players of FIFA World Cup 2010.

Packed with photos of some of the hottest players in the world of soccer, I hope you vote in the poll at the end of this article and let us all know who you think is the hottest hunk in the FIFA World Cup of 2010.

Real Madrid’s Sexiest PlayerFirst on this list of the soccer’s hottest hunks in 2010 is a Portuguese football player who plays as a forward for the Spanish club Real Madrid. He serves as the captain of team Portugal. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo and sexy doesnt even begin to describe team Portugal’s striker. He is a 25 year old playboy and he is the highest paid player in the sport.

He has done ads for Emporio Armani Underwear and this coming in July you can see more of why this futbol player is one hot hunk in ads for Armani Jeans. Just in time for the 2020 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the perfect way to score points with fans of soccer . . show them hot, sexy shirtless guys who play soccer.

Carlos BocanegraDate of Birth: May 24,1979Place of Birth: Alta LomaNationality: United StatesHeight: 183 cm. He is a

muscular hottie with a perfect definition that can make you forget that

there is a game going on. This hottie of soccer when on the squad,

wears the captain’s armband

and always commands respect, even scoring 10 goals, most with his head.

As Carlos says soccer in Europe is like football, basketball, and

baseball. Next hottiest player is

also from team USA and a true prince charming.

This World Cup hunk was born in Brazil. His paternal grandfather emigrated to Brazil from Austria in 1938 to escape the Nazi regime. When Benny Feihaber was 6 years old his family moved to the US. and settled in Westchester New York.

He played soccer in college at UCLA, where he went on to play 16 games in his season with the

Bruins in 2003 In his next year, he played in every match, helping

UCLA to a 14 4 2 record.

This curly haired hunk of a midfielder is known for his possession game and dribbling ability. I think he should be known as one of the sexiest players of FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Aftrica.

Brazil Sexiest Player Kaka’

“The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it.”[ Currently ranked first by FIFA, Brazil is considered probably one of the strongest teams in the entire series.