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FIFA World CUP Soccer 2010 South African Dream Come True For Football 2010

FIFA World CUP Soccer 2010 South African Dream Come True For Football 2010

As a child I never ever dreamt that I would be alive to witness FIFA setting up shop in South Africa. Yes, so much is still wrong in this fledgling democracy. Yes, crime and political squabbles still abound. However can we just for the sake of this World Cup event be civil? Can we for this month put our differences of race religion, gender, political affiliation and ideology aside? We can unite because rugby is not a “whites only” sport and soccer is not a “blacks only” sport! Soccer is putting the final death knell to the products and designs of the group areas act. Who would have thought that the Bulls would play rugby in Soweto and that soccer would be played at Loftus? Even the angels are surprised.

The world has a laser focus on South Africa and the African continent. Many, many people have finally taken the plunge. They have put their money where the mouth is and they have been digging deep into their pockets and now they are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Rustenberg. They are our guests and we should help to ensure their safety.

It is the solemn and joyous duty of every South African to make sure that our half million visitors are having a great time. Greet them on the buses. Men, tip your hats to the ladies. Ladies smile. Give up your seat for the elderly. Just relax. This is no time for road rage. This is no time to be rude. Our cordiality and hospitality should match the beauty of our country.

This indeed is our time, use it don’t abuse it. If you have an issue with President Zuma, now is not the time. If Mr. Malema gets under your skin, just let it slide. You have guests. Put your best foot forward. Zille, and Lekota please do not hang our dirty linen on the World Cup 2010 line.

Don’t you realize that this is the time to finally show that Africans are not idiots? This is the time to show off our soccer skills, not to show of our anti social skills.

What a great day for former president Mandela. What a great day for you and me. What a great day for our children. South Africa, Africa will never be the same again. World Cup 2010 is spawning the authentic African renaissance. World Cup 2010 brings hope that things will change. World Cup 2010 will unite the world.

I sincerely hope and pray that every South African will be vigilant. Please have a security mindset. No more robberies. No more robbing of sweet journalists. These journalists hold a pen that can write a smart or nasty story about South Africa and their countrymen and women will believe them because they were here.

No more worries, no more fears. World Cup 2010 proves that sport is the greatest unifying force. When all is said and done on July 11 th , our guest will go home raving about South Africa. We will be glad that we will finally have our streets back to ourselves and we will cherish the golden trophy that we won because of our skills. Bafana, Bafana will capture the trophy on the field and we will capture the hearts and minds of our visitors, off the field.

I wish every player, spectator and visitor a memorable stay in the land of my birth, South Africa. Proud to be South Africa not because of what is happening but in spite of what has happened.

Travel Tips For Fifa 2010

Travel Tips For Fifa 2010

So the soccer fever is back again. With barely three months ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2010 to be held in South Africa, it’s high time for all football lovers to get their bag packs ready for the FIFA destination. Being the host country of this year’s World Cup, South Africa definitely has double bonus for you. You can enjoy your favourite teams and enthralling soccer matches while exploring the beautiful country in your leisure hours. Be it football or just simple relaxation, the cities of South Africa are going to welcome you with the warmest greetings this summer. So watch out for your summer vacation plans carefully.

Enjoying a football match in the colourful host city of Johannesburg has some additional doughnuts for you for sure! If you are still confused about how, then here are some wonderful suggestions for planning your South African tour during FIFA 2010.

1. The city of Johannesburg not just offers you gold, it also has some golden travel opportunities you would never like to miss. You can start with a spirited morning by enjoying a fine breakfast at Melrose Arch near Sandton. Visiting its neighbourhood includes the Rosebank Craft and Arts market, Alexander and Midrand where you can enjoy indigenous South African delicacies.

2. For the most interesting shopping experiences in the city, visit the Sandton Towers. The place has everything to offer everyone. Don’t forget to collect special souvenirs for your friends back home while treating yourself with the most exquisite gift items. Moreover, there are numerous nightclubs for you to let your hair down. The enthralling music here ensures you hit the dance floor within moments!

3. South Africa has historical gifts to offer; those interested in the history of the country are advised to explore the city of Johannesburg including the Apartheid Museum contributing to the socio cultural extravaganza of the city as well as the nation.

4. If you love sylvan countryside, you can visit the township of Pretoria. It offers spectacular nature reserves of the country. So booking your air tickets to South Africa does not earn you just FIFA 2010, but a long list of the most wonderful places of the country for you to explore.

This is not all; your air tickets to South Africa will be an ordinary visit without the most important part of your vacation, that is, the exotic South African wildlife safaris. The nature reserves in South Africa are crowded throughout the year for their enchanting wildlife. You can make the most exotic wildlife safaris in the country to witness the wide variety of flora and fauna habituated in no other places across the world. So football rush is absolutely fun with your travel ideas, and South Africa is definitely the biggest escape from routine life!

Fifa’s admission that it has a ‘Plan B’ to stage the soccer World Cup elsewhere if South Africa is not ready in time has sent shockwaves throughout the country

Fifa’s admission that it has a ‘Plan B’ to stage the soccer World Cup elsewhere if South Africa is not ready in time has sent shockwaves throughout the country

Africa South Africa, Afrikaans Suid Afrika, officially Republic of South Africa, republic (2005 est. pop. 44,344,000), 471,442 sq mi (1,221,037 sq km), S Africa. at a moment’s notice, the failure of the new football

stadium in Port Elizabeth Port Elizabeth, city (1991 pop. 670,653), Eastern Cape, SE South Africa, on Algoa Bay, an arm of the Indian Ocean. It is a tourist center and a major seaport that ships diamonds, wool, fruit, and other items. to be ready in time for next year’s

Confederations Cup, the World Cup’s A full, uninterrupted rehearsal of a play with costumes and stage properties.

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economic and political disintegration in neighbouring Zimbabwe have

combined to cast a pall of doubt over the event’s preparations.

Local Organising Committee (LOC LOC lines of code ) chief executive Danny Jordaan Danny Jordaan (born 1951) is a South African sports administrator as well as a former lecturer, politician and anti apartheid activist. He is best known for leading South Africa’s successful Football World Cup 2010 bid. was

caught by surprise and was reportedly “furious” over reports

in the local media quoting Fifa’s head, Sepp Blatter Joseph “Sepp” Blatter (born March 10, 1936 in Visp, Wallis, Switzerland) is the 8th and current president of FIFA. He was elected on June 8, 1998, succeeding Dr. Joo Havelange (Brazil). His Senior Vice President is Julio Grondona. , as saying

there was a Plan B in case South Africa was not ready to host the 2010

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1. anything displayed or exhibited”I could not believe my ears and my eyes when I returned from

watching the final of the Euro 2008 in Vienna, Austria. I got numerous

calls from SA journalists wanting to know what is going on.

“I am amazed by these reports. Blatter Blat i. 1. To prate; to babble; to rail; to make a senseless noise; to patter.