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How to Create Great Rooms with Builders Block and More

To most of the Habbo Players, a stack tile is a must. Since it allows players to expand and put more detail in gamers’ designs. It is one hell of a handy tool. So why not think about buying one before player start on that room? Perferably a 2*2 works best. Come to to buy cheap Habbo Coins.

Tips: Ever went into a room that has a nice concept of blueprint but there’s just something you can’t quite put a finger on it? Ever noticed it might be the colors you or the creator of that room used? The screenshots in the next panel are an example, see how with a tweak of the colors it drastically changes the room. From personal experience, it’s best to keep your room matching with 2-4 colors of about the same hue. If you struggle at first, don’t worry! Keep trying, play around with furnish, you will get the perfect scheme eventually.

Tip 2:Keep it as realistic as you can. It might come unknown to you but, the great rooms you see are usually the ones that have a realistic touch. and of course, you can go surreal with your imaginations but it wouldn’t hurt to try a realistic version of what you are building.

Tip3: if your room isn’t satisfying you, and if you still have time to start over, do it!

Tip4: No matter how much you might love your furnis, never ever dump them all into a room you are going to enter for a competition or a staff pick. It would annoyingly cluster it and make your possibly already amazing room turn into something that has too much going on, and too much of anything is never a good thing, less is more! Even if you love a certain furni to death, wanting to use it so badly, but if it dosen’t look right or suit the theme, PICK IT UP.

When you decorate you room, you had better to buy Habbo Coins to make your room more beautiful and more functional.